Why You Should Consider Painting Your Restaurant This Summer


Nothing welcomes your customers back to business like a fresh coat of vibrant color. The face of the restaurant industry has changed for good, and as things start opening up again, restaurants have a unique opportunity to present their businesses with a refreshed aesthetic for lasting appeal. Updating your restaurant with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to capitalize on this unprecedented time, and will inspire hungry patrons that have been stuck inside to eagerly step through your restaurant’s doors.


New Exterior Colors Spark Customer Curiosity


This is the perfect time to transform your restaurant’s curb appeal. When you update the look and feel of your restaurant, customers will be drawn to your establishment. Colors have the power to promote curiosity, increase customer engagement, and even inspire hunger! People love to try new things, and with an exciting new exterior color, attracting new and repeat customers is guaranteed.

With quality weather-proof exterior paints, your establishment will have a new look that lasts. Whether you’re looking for high-gloss colors that stand out from nearby businesses, or you simply need to touch up the exterior with our paint matching services, our industry-leading paints will leave your restaurant’s exterior looking professional, vibrant, and directly reflect your company’s commitment to quality.


Comprehensive Interior Painting Services


After rejuvenating your restaurant’s exterior, our professional painters can help you design a beautiful new interior. From quality cabinetry painting and staining, to eye-catching interior color schemes, our detail-oriented crew will help you bring your business to life from the inside out. We have a wonderful selection of unique colors to choose from, and will even help you come up with personalized color combinations for a truly innovative update that will invigorate your interior with vibrant paints designed to last.

We do our best to transform your restaurant vision into colorful reality with flexible painting services that adapt to your business needs.  After we help you decide on the perfect redesign, we’ll provide your restaurant with detailed color samples, so you’ll know exactly what the beautifully finished interior will look like following our cost-effective painting services.

Focused on clear communication and honest estimates, we offer free consultations and will gladly help you come up with a custom redesign that accurately captures your company’s vision. To learn more about how Painter Bros can help you update the look and feel of your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!