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The Psychology of Office Paint Colors

Paint swatches, paint brushes and a roller.

The sky is the limit when selecting commercial office paint colors. However, you’d be surprised just how impactful certain colors can be in a work environment. Gone are the days of all-white minimalistic office interiors.

People are putting more and more thought into making commercial spaces feel less "serious" and more welcoming. In this blog, we’ll tell you why you might want to consider different colors choices for specific aesthetics. Let us delve into the realm of color psychology.



Grey is one of the most common neutrals tones for painting projects. This is an ideal color default option if you're unsure about your color scheme. This color represents maturity and stability. Grey ultimately doesn’t add or take away from an environment.

We love greige as an option for office buildings. Its neutral shade gives off a modern vibe while keeping things cozy. Making it ideal for creating a professional yet inviting atmosphere in workplace environments.


The color brown is warm and comforting. As one of the most natural neutrals, this color is popular among executive office designs. This is thanks to it conveying a serious tone, along with it still being soft and approachable.


The days of white being the most popular paint color for every commercial building gone. However, we still love this option if you value your office having an open and spacious feel. White relates to calmness, comfort, and cleanliness.

Be mindful of using this color too much throughout your space. It can lead to your environment feeling too sterile or cold.



Commonly associated with trust, loyalty, and integrity. The color blue is one of the most popular colors used by businesses. Blue hues, used as a brand color, improve customer loyalty and business partnerships.

As a wall color, it can promote a peaceful environment. Thanks to its relaxing vibe, it can also boost mental stimulation.


For commercial offices, green can give a sense of security and calm. Green is a versatile color that has grown in popularity in recent years. Green not only boosts your brainpower but also brings a sense of calm and relaxation, making you feel refreshed and focused. If you’re wanting to transition away from neutral colors, green is a great first step.


Yellow can draw out a wide variety of reactions because it can be such a bright color. It can invoke feelings of optimism and can be mentally activating. However, it can be an overwhelming experience leading to exhaustion.

Some people might also think that yellow can give off a vibe of dishonesty in certain places. Use this as an accent color sparingly for best results.


In general, we don’t recommend using red as your main wall color. As an energetic color, it can be too fatiguing in a professional setting. Some may also find that it can make the space feel aggressive or abrasive. Finally, because of its overuse in fast food, red can easily come across as cheap looking.

Which color would you choose?

The amount of paint colors you can choose when designing your space can be overwhelming. Hopefully, with this guide to the most used colors you can find a specific color that helps you achieve your dream office vision. Still need help in deciding? Contact the professional at Painter Bros to assist you with your paint job.

We will help you with everything from your color palette, painting your accent walls, and everything in between. We're experts in both homes and commercial properties, and we promise to find the perfect color combination for you!

Contact us at Painter Bros for a professional color opinion at (844) 509-2313.


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