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Commercial Interior Painting

Transforming the inside of your business and taking on those large interior painting projects is easy with the right interior commercial painting company. We take pride in our ability to take a customer’s vision and bring it to life.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Painting your commercial exterior, whether it be a storefront or apartment building, has several important benefits. Aside from increasing the value of your property and letting potential tenants know that you care about the location, the painting will also protect you from dirt, humidity, and other climate changes that can shorten a building's lifespan.

Residential Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is the first impression for everyone who visits. Make sure your home creates the right impression by contacting Painter Bros for exterior painting services.

Residential Interior Painting

Transforming the inside of your home and taking on those large interior house painting projects is easy with the right interior painting company. We take pride in our ability to take a customer’s vision and bring it to life.

Commercial Facility Maintenance

Painter Bros has been delivering quality facility maintenance and facility management services to organizations across the U.S. for years. Our experienced local teams provide both interior and exterior repairs to help your business avoid any unnecessary disruptions to  their day-to-day operations.

Government Painting

Allow Painter Bros to handle your next government facility contract. Our experience and customer satisfaction with government projects, large and small, will have you feeling confident working with professionals who will get the job done right.

Why Painter Bros?

The Painter Bros Difference


Every time we are finishing up a project, we will walk through and inspect our work to make certain that everything is clean, tidy, and that you are pleased with the work we have done. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Our craftsmen are trained to produce prompt, quality work. Knowing the right brushes and paints for a surface or the right techniques for refinishing your cabinets does make a world of a difference.


All of our painters are properly vetted and trained. This ensures that all jobs are warrantied and insured through the company and not a third party. Our high-quality work originates from our own training, experience, and drive for excellence.


We have worked and brainstormed with numerous customers on a wide variety of projects and can proudly say that we have the creativity and innovation to solve the question of how to brighten up your home or office space from performing simple color changes to full repaints.

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See why our customers love painter bros

Michelle had an incredible experience with Painter Bros. Painter Bros successfully painted the inside of Michelle’s home for a reasonable price.

  • Highly recommend!

    Just an excellent job done by Painter Bros! Francisco and Luis Dickson did an awesome job! They painted our exterior brick which included removing shutters, etc. alot of prep work and they had such an attention to detail, asking questions to confirm what I wanted done...

  • Amazing!

    I had a painter name Diego de Los Angeles. He was amazing. I wanted to paint my white vinyl windows black and found out it requires a very special paint (only 1 available option in the country) and Diego is the only painter in Utah who has used product before and can do it. He did a great job. I am am extremely […]

  • Beyond Pleased

    We are beyond pleased with their quality of work! I would recommend them to everyone needing some painting done.

  • Annika Wolf

    I never post reviews in general but these guys went above and beyond. Can’t brag about my kitchen enough, thank you!

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