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Sherwin Williams vs. Benjamin Moore

Sunroom with mirror and orange and beige walls

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are two of the biggest paint brands around. Many professionals worldwide use these top-of-the-line products for their projects. Because of this, people wonder which of the two brands is better. They are both high-quality paints, so what it really comes down to is personal preference. To determine which option best appeals to your wants and needs, let’s compare:

Comparison by Accessibility

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore brands of paint are both commonly found in paint stores. Sherwin Williams, however, has stores of their own while Benjamin More only sells in authorized dealers’ stores. You can find authorized dealers and stores through these companies’ websites or a Google search.

Comparison by Performance

When comparing these two industry behemoths by performance, there are two parameters with which to differentiate them. These categories are:

  • Coverage
  • Cover-ups

Coverage refers to the overall number of coats required to cover a surface. Paint with good coverage won’t use up more than two coats of paint. Paint with bad coverage makes the project last longer and cost more. Normally, the thinner the paint is, the lower its performance will be.

Did you know that painting companies usually offer their clients a warranty for services carried out? This is because there are times where the paint chips away after application. The warranty covers the touch-up of peeling walls. Decent touch-up paints blend seamlessly with the rest of the wall. A bad touch-up paint will be noticeable and require the entire wall repainted.

Regarding performance, both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are highly rated and won’t require more than two coats of paint. However, if we’re nitpicking, products by Benjamin Moore are easier to apply and cleanup, and tend to be more durable than those of Sherwin Williams.

Comparison by Affordability

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams play within the same ballpark when it comes to their products’ pricing. A two gallon paint can will go for around $45 – $50 for either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Of course, these prices will be higher when purchasing unique colors. Stay vigilant for deals in local ads and coupons to save a little money.

Comparison by Product

Both companies offer almost similar products. For the discerning professional, however, these small dissimilarities make a world of difference. We’ve compared some of Sherwin Williams’ and Benjamin Moore’s most popular products.

Sherwin Williams ProClassic vs. Benjamin Moore Advance

When comparing Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint with the Sherwin Williams’ ProClassic, you’ll realize there’s a minuscule difference in terms of quality. The Advance easily spreads on surfaces in comparison to the ProClassic. Furthermore, the Advance is less pricey, thicker, lasts longer, and is practically odorless vis-à-vis the ProClassic. This doesn’t make the latter automatically bad; the Advance is just a little better.

Benjamin Moore Ben vs. Sherwin Williams Opulence

Sherwin Williams’ Opulence costs less than Benjamin Moore’s Ben. The latter, however, has a better cover, whereas the former’s touch-up is better. For both, you’ll only require two coats to get the work done. The Opulence tends to spread more easily when using a roller and smoothens walls, especially when used to cover the flat paint done by builders. This smoothening eases the paint application process, making the project go faster while taking a lesser physical toll on the painters.

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All in all, to determine the best painting option between the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products, compare the costs with the overall coverage. Additionally, remember to consider other factors like cleanability, shine, and durability to get the most out of your paint. If you’re still not decided or have more questions, call your Painter Bros at (844) 509-2313 and talk to a professional today.


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