Residential Cabinet Painting

Leave the Detailed Painting Jobs to Us

Painting cabinets is often deemed a project that is too difficult to take on yourself, as it takes a lot of time and effort. However, the cabinets of your home are an integral part of your design and style, and with a simple coat of paint, the entire look of your space can be transformed. So though it can be a frustrating task for you, the team at Painter Bros will paint so that you don’t have to! 

We can handle all the cabinets in your home, including:

  • Built-in wall units
  • Cabinet faces
  • Built-in fireplace cabinets
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors

Cabinets offer many benefits for your home, from space to store your belongings to decorative additions that complete a room. However, if they are a color that blends with the wall or doesn’t compliment the rest of the room, they can have a detrimental effect on the look and feel of a space. Our cabinet painting team can help you find the right color and finish for your cabinets so that they make an impression on your space. 

Attractive Paint & Stain Options

There are a handful of attractive paint options that you can use for your cabinets. If you want to change or improve how your cabinets look without the use of any bold paint colors, paint your cabinets in wood and white. This two-tone combination is a popular choice for many homeowners that leaves a lasting impact. Other paint options for your cabinets include darker shades of gray, rich yellow, cool mint, and classic blue. Sage green is also an excellent option, especially for your kitchen cabinets, as this color enhances other hues present in the room. When it comes to stain options for cabinets, you can pick blonde, brown, white, gray, or cherry red. These stains bring attention to any room and work well in modern-looking spaces.

Color Psychology

According to color psychology, colors influence human behavior, mood, and emotion. For example, warm colors, like red or yellow produce emotions of excitement and joy, while cool colors like green and blue are often associated with safety and trust. You need to pay careful attention to the colors you pick for your cabinets to ensure that the room they’re installed in creates the right mood. For example, painting your kitchen cabinets in gray could make the space feel unwelcoming without the right amount of natural light.

Choosing to paint or repaint your cabinets is one thing and deciding which color to use is another. The latter is usually a stressful process as you’re bombarded with options. If you don’t have any idea what color to pick for your cabinets, Painter Bros can help! 

Contact the professionals at Painter Bros to talk about our kitchen cabinet painting services. Call us at (844) 509-2313 to begin your next project with our team.

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  • "Lucas in Houston was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and then some! I feel very comfortable working with Painter Bros."
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  • "Very comfortable working with Painter Bros."

    - Ben Jones
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    - Director of National Projects

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