Why you need to repaint your business

For most people, painting is an unnecessary expense. It is that thing you do when you can’t ignore the huge crack on the wall anymore, or when the in-laws finally come to visit, ten years later. However, to a business owner, painting can mean the difference between the life and death of your business. The aesthetic appeal that comes with a fresh coat of paint is what will make clients choose your business over your neighbor, who copied your entire business idea.

But other than just the looks, there are many more reasons, which warrant that you repaint your space’s interior and exterior. Let’s take a look.

Attract more customers

It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell you that people will judge your business based on what they see first. Naturally, you’d be more trusting of a building that looks well-kept and clean, as opposed to one that is dark and dingy — it’s human nature!

Therefore, if you want to get more customers through your door, your first move should be making your exterior appealing.  At a glance, your business should come across as stylish, modern, and clean. And nothing does this better than some new paint.

But then again, this doesn’t mean you ignore inner areas. If it is anything to do with hospitality, like a restaurant or spa, the interior needs to look good and lively for them to stay put.

Adds Value to the property

When done right, a new paint job can drastically upgrade the appearance of your commercial property. And this, in turn, maintains its value. Simply put, if the building is well maintained, you stand to get a better price should you ever choose to sell it. For best results, you want to repaint at regular intervals. Yes,  even though the paint still looks decent.

Promote your brand

Repainting is also a good way to showcase your brand. The idea here is to choose the colors which represent your company’s core values. Also notable is that the choice of color will impact the general mood of your business. It can subconsciously induce a psychological response, affecting how your customers feel and even employees on the day-to-day.

Here’s a rundown of how different colors influence moods you can use in your marketing efforts.

  • Red — red invokes passion, excitement, and movement. As you’d see on fire trucks and sirens, it signals urgency and energy. It also subliminally increases appetite in people. And this makes it ideal for restaurants.
  • Blue — blue is more of a tranquil, calm color. It induces a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Blue does well in spas, hotels, and medical facilities. Blue also promotes productivity.
  • Yellow and orange — these are optimistic and cheery colors. Orange is ideal for a shopping center, as it encourages impulse action like impulsive buying.
  • Black — black showcases authority, power, and strength. However, it is still a dark color, which can be overwhelming. Instead, you’d best use it as an accent.
  • Gray — gray has been known to foster solidarity and practicality
  • White — white is a pure, neutral color. It induces a blank canvas effect, which can spark creativity.
  • Green — green is the color of nature. Customers feel relaxed and decisive.

To repair damage

Another more obvious reason for repainting is to repair any damages to your previous coat of paint. These might either be areas that have peeled or chipped off.  Keep in mind that even the most resilient paint is still susceptible to damage. If you start noticing blistering or bubbles on your exterior paints, you should take it as a sign to repaint.

Also, painting is a fundamental aspect of preventive maintenance. The new layer of paint will protect the external surface of your building from damage due to moisture or invasion by little creatures. This way, you won’t incur expensive damage costs later on.


As you’ve seen, a fresh coat of paint is invaluable to a commercial building. Other than giving your building an attractive facelift, painting also protects your asset from damage, giving your business a competitive edge.

However, to get the most out of it, it is vital that you do a good paint job. Before anything, you are advised to consult a professional painting service. Small factors such as the quality and type of paint or the equipment used in painting can drastically increase the life of your paint.

At Painter Bros, we have your best interests at heart. With years of experience to back us up, we are able to give your business the exterior and interior paint job it deserves — one that will last! For any inquiries feel free to contact us.