Scientists have studied the effect that colors have on individuals and their perception of the environment they are in. Each of us may have noticed that there are definitely specific colors that more often appeal to us or draw out a certain feeling. By picking the right color you can stimulate the certain emotion you want to have in a particular space.

In a home or business office many ideas are shared, used or thrown out. The mind is at work and could definitely use a brain boost. So what do you think is the smart choice for you?

The color yellow is typically associated with the sun, happiness and a bright, cheery attitude. So of course this office space would offer just that, it inspires the mind to think outside the box. It is a good color choice for optimism! However too much yellow can be irritating to the eyes and the soul, causing frustration. By using yellow as a accent allows the same feelings to be stimulated but adds a mellow feel to the room. Just like the picture above, from what we can see they have just one wall painted a nice yellow while the other is a more neutral, earth-toned tan. However through the space we see pops of the color yellow, as well as using other cheery colors such as orange.
There are those mornings that you wake up for work and think to yourself, “Namaste in bed.” Well with an office space like this there is no need to worry about losing your zen throughout the day. Green is a perfect color to bring harmony and balance to an office. Office spaces that use a lot of computers and electronic devices it can be easy to get sluggish in your work. Using a nice bright green can open the mind to new creative possibilities.

Just a blue-tiful day in the office! We all have fond memories of laying outside in the grass on a warm, summer day staring up at the clear blue sky. There is something calming about reflecting on those care-fee days. Using blue in brainstorming/conference type areas is helpful because it gives a trusting feel that influences communication.