“A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness.”

Christmas is right around the corner which means lots of time spent in the kitchen baking delicious holiday treats, concocting new recipes, and spending time together as a family! It’s no secret that the kitchen has always been a place of gathering. Especially around this holiday season the kitchen will become a meeting place for carefully preserved memories that will last through the years!

In your kitchen different colors that are used can stimulate different emotions. What type of feeling you want to convey will depend on the paint that you will splash on those walls!

Grey is known to be a calm and neutral color. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of energy in a kitchen it does provide a clean cut appearance!

Green is an earthy tone that gives the feel of bringing the outdoors indoors. It represents a calming and relaxing effect.

Yellow is a color that we highly recommend in a kitchen space! Especially if the vibe you’re going for is social and fun! Yellow is known for it’s ability to lighten the mood and to get people talking. We love the white paired with the yellow in picture above, but also recommend using the grey to balance out the bright yellow adding a little mellow to the space.