The Curious Relationship Between Furniture, Décor, and Wall Colors

Matching Furniture & Décor to Wall Color

It is the age-old query: which came first, the wall color or the décor? The answer will vary depending on the situation and the occupants. It is akin to putting together your outfit for the day; different people have different takes. However, what remains the same is the need to artistically match varying elements to create a story, a perception, or an atmosphere.

To help you match your furniture or décor with the right wall colors, here are a few tips to help you in your interior decoration undertaking.

What Furniture Goes With Blue-Painted Walls?

Blue is one of those colors with a lot of range to it. As such, there are plenty of nuanced varieties of this color that’ll compliment your off-white or brightly-hued furniture. These colors blend so well because blue is a naturally placid color, therefore providing a tranquil background from which the furniture stands out. It is an excellent color to have in public rooms, like receptions and living rooms, or also bedrooms, because of its calm nature.

Furniture with a colorful or long history behind it, for instance, a sofa that’s been in the family for ages and has become a family heirloom, should stand out. Blue is perfect as it gives such a couch an opportunity to shine. Most home accessories, furniture, or décor options that do well with blue walls are in the shades of gold, mustard, pink, green, brown, off-white, lime green, and even other shades of blue.

What Furniture Goes With Green-Painted Walls?

Green has some soothing properties to it as well. It inspires a sense of peace and relaxation that counterbalances the busyness of a combative pattern on a piece of furniture. It’ll also mellow out the vibe brought about by furniture or décor of aggressive pinks or reds. You might not have many accessories with these active colors, yet even small accents of these reds and pinks may spoil the aesthetic when blended with the wrong wall color.

Like blue, green is a great color to use in active areas like the living room or reception. Its serene nature also makes it an ideal color to have in your bedroom to promote a good night’s rest. Gold, off-white, brown, purple, grey, red, pink, blue, mustard, navy blue, and different shades of green-colored furniture and décor options go together with green walls like campfires and smores.

What Furniture Goes With Gray-Painted Walls?

Gray is neutral in nature. While it may seem like a dull color to have on your walls, it is so versatile that it can be matched with accessories and furniture of literally any color. Any room in the house can have gray-colored walls. It may be matched with décor of other neutral colors like off-white and white for a minimalistic theme. However, it looks better and lightens the mood of the house when matched with furniture of more vivid and vibrant colors.

What Furniture Goes With Orange-Painted Walls?

If you’d prefer bright colors for your walls, then orange would be a good choice; it isn’t as aggressive as a purely red wall, but it lacks the shying innocence of pink. Orange will highlight décor and furniture of bold colors like turquoise and teal nicely.

Surprisingly, accessories and items of a white color won’t seem out of place in a room painted orange. Because of its ability to inspire passion among people, it probably shouldn’t be used in the living room and other busy areas.


Getting the wall colors and décor options or furniture to perfectly match the room’s theme is tricky. It’ll save you a lot of time and experimentation to hire the services of a professional to get the job done. Get in touch with Painter Bros and learn more about home decoration today.