Stairs get beaten up, walked, and stomped on more often than any other area in your home. There is no doubt that when you do any sort of touch up or make over it makes all the difference! Here are a few ideas of how you can paint your stairs.

Not your typical stair-eotype
When it comes to painting your stairs you can create your own design for what will look best with your space. We like this look of painting a runner on your stairs and adding the lines on either side. The dark and light color contrast makes the stairs pop drawing your attention to them.

Red stairs & orange stairs & yellow stairs OH MY!
This is a great way to introduce the play room for your children. Leading to the adventures and toys galore this fun idea excites you to see what is to come. It really puts off that idea that the whole downstairs is their space that once you step foot you are in kid territory! Many people have had the ideas of painting book covers, or other murals. Those are all fun and spunky ideas! But sometimes it’s best to go the simple route but still allowing the fun and excitement of kids having their own place to run around!

We are excited to share this project with everyone! It is a great pleasure for us to see a painting project work out so well and these stairs are an adherence to that. These stairs beforehand all blended together there wasn’t anything that would draw your attention to it. But after a little tweaking in color and working our magic we were able to create a beautiful image to match this beautiful home!

It really does make quite the difference in the home when you modernize different aspects of your home and highlight the beauty that is already there.