Spruce Up Your Commercial Curb AppealSpruce Up Your Commercial Curb Appeal

When you mention curb appeal, most people will think of a home for sale. Its potential for attracting new business to restaurants, retail stores, and other service-based companies is immense. According to a report, about 70% of first-time sales at retail shops, wineries, lodging facilities, restaurants, and golf courses are due to curb appeal.

The moral of the story here is don’t neglect the external appearance of your commercial property. Make the most of your real estate investment using these techniques.


Painting on concrete

Any surface can look completely different with a fresh coat of paint; concrete isn’t any different. As long as the concrete surface is in good condition, it can be painted. This is true for walls and interior floors, in addition to exterior surfaces like sidewalks, pool decks, and patios. Just make sure to prepare the surface adequately, making sure it’s clean and free of existing sealers or coatings; these inhibit proper bonding of the paint to surfaces.

However, remember concrete paint is a surface coating and thus vulnerable to wear. It’s not meant to be used in high-traffic locales like concrete driveways. Here, go with a dry-shake color hardener or an acid-based stain for better abrasion resistance.


Painting on brick

Painting on brick is satisfying as the slight roughness of the surface allows the paint to settle relatively streak-less. It will, however, take longer to paint as compared to wood, for instance, due to the mortar grooves. A professional commercial painting service will help transform and revolutionize your business within a short period.

When dealing with bricks, always keep in mind they have their own unique intrinsic color. You can choose to paint certain sections of the walls only, coordinating the new hues with the base color.


Color Choices

The hues you choose for your commercial building’s exterior should help boost business. A color psychologist can assist you in matching your building with your brand’s colors.

There are, however, colors that are more popular than others.

  1. White Paint on the exterior of your brick or concrete building offers a classy look, especially when paired with black doors and shutters.
  2. Light grey is another color that has that classic factor to it. It further offers more depth without the starkness that’s characteristic of white. It’s a color that goes well with accent colors as well as the landscaping.
  3. Charcoal grey is a color that radiates sophistication. Using white for the shutters and trims will make your building pop. It is also a good choice for commercial setups as it hides anomalies and flaws well, ensuring that the image of professionalism is maintained.
  4. Green exteriors have also gained popularity in recent times for exteriors as well as interiors. The focus is primarily on earthier greens and not the lighter shades that were popular in the mid-2000s. It looks great with natural wood.



Increasing your commercial property’s curb appeal will maintain an air of efficiency that clients and potential partners will appreciate. It also means a heftier amount when you decide to sell the building. You’ll need trained and competent professionals to make this happen.

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