Whether it’s playing dress up as a fairy princess or building a fort out of legos for your action figure, as a kid it’s nice to have a space that’s your own! Here are 6 kids playrooms inspired by the color of the rainbow!


Red is a loud color that draws a lot of attention to itself. Much like kids when they are playing! This bright color stimulates the mind to feel power, confidence and most importantly fun! In this room they used red paint as an accent wall with other neutral colors to balance out the WHAM! effect red has.


Orange is a great color to use for a kids playroom and not just because it’s pleasant to look at but for the meaning behind this color! It is a product of the colors  of the powerful red and cheery yellow! A lot of energy and happiness is caused by this color and even offers the mind the ability to think more creatively. Which is of course what we all want for our children is to encourage creativity and imagination!


When it’s playtime for the kids often times it’s best for them to spend some time outside soaking up the sun, enjoying nature and getting plenty of exercise! But when the clouds come out and the rain comes down the playroom will have to do! Although it may be stormy outside the brightness of the yellow walls still gives off warm and happy vibes!


Green is a great neutral friendly color that all the kids will enjoy! The lime green pictured above brightens the space and gives it a fun, exciting atmosphere! Something that parents might enjoy is the meaning of the color green which is harmony. It wouldn’t be so bad for kids to be reminded to get along with their siblings and friends!


Did you know that the world’s most popular “favorite color” is blue? And even if it isn’t someone’s favorite color it is still in their bucket for a good color! We like using the color blue for a playroom because it can work for a variety of imaginary places. The clear blue sky on a nice day or when they are exploring the ocean floor.


It is no doubt that a little girl’s favorite game to play is pretending to be princesses! They parade around the house in their frilly pink dresses and sparkly, plastic, and much too large for their feet, heels. Every child deserves to feel like a Queen! The color purple symbolizes royalty and nobility. May your playroom be fit for a royal who creates tale as old as time stories to play to!