It is always an exciting time when a baby is on it’s way! It is a big change in a family which causes 9 months of intense preparation! But one of the greatest and most fun things to prepare for is the nursery.

Whether you want to know the gender of the baby or not there are many great ideas to get creative when it comes to welcoming the tiny human into this world!

I don’t know about you but we are likin’ this blue!
We decided we would start off with the popular paint colors as far as nursery’s go and blue by far is the number one color for a baby boy’s room. We particularly like this shade of light baby blue. It gives a soothing element to this space that we would hope would soothe that baby of yours to sleep to give you a good night’s rest.;)

Tickled pink!
The basic nursery paint color for a sweet baby girl is of course pink! We love the way that not only did they use the traditional pink palette to style this room but they added accents of gray to add some variation. This shade of pink brings a bright and lightness to the room that allows a smaller space appear more spacious.

Stay neutral.
If you are deciding to keep the sex of your child a secret or you are into the gender neutral look here are a few ideas. It has become popular here recently to use gray in the nursery and then balancing it out with bright neutral colors such as orange, yellow and green.

Nix the gray and simply choose yellow, green or orange. We especially like this calm yellow color that invites a cheeriness and happy feel to the room.