Remove Mold From Your Home

Fuzzy and patchy algae and fungi growing on your home’s exterior is unsightly. It’ll give your home a rundown appearance while also releasing toxic substances into the nearby surroundings putting your family’s well-being in jeopardy.

The moisture within a humid atmosphere causes mold and mildew. This growth can be unavoidable depending on your area’s climatic conditions. It’s, however, advisable to kick these marauders to the curb as soon as you can.

How you ask? You can lean on professionals with a proven track record to get the job done. However, if you consider yourself a DIYer, read on to pick up a few tips on removing mold from your home’s exteriors yourself.

remove mold

How to remove mildew


Clean out your gutters

Since gutters collect leaves and twigs, they provide a breeding ground for mold. Having your gutters checked or cleaned twice a year is a great idea – ideally in the spring and the fall. If you’re comfortable atop a ladder, you can do the cleaning yourself. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves, and begin picking out debris from the downspout toward the closed end.

Spray and scrub your exteriors

Molds and mildews, like vampires, are known to avoid sunlight, which is why they are mostly found under window seals and under the roof. You can be sure that a power washer would be ideal for dealing with this threat. Use the washer carefully to avoid the risk of ruining your paint job. As a result, you may opt for a machine that is safer and creates less force and pressure while retaining a stylish appearance. If you come across tenacious mildew, you can use a brush to remove it. This will aid in the removal of mildew and mold stains.

Titivate your porch 

Mold grows on most, if not all, decks and porches during rainy seasons. This is because evaporation is hindered in a deck, making it susceptible to mold growth. To avoid this inconvenience, it’s best to get rid of these intruders right away. This could be done with water or an industrial deck cleaning chemical that will ensure no mold is left behind.

Bottom line

The optimum time to respond to this call to action is a warm, sunny day with enough time for your outside surfaces to dry. Molds are never your friend because they detract from your home’s unique appearance. If you’re not comfortable with heights, then consider using Painter Bros. Contact us today, and we’ll help you bring your house back to its former glory.