3 Tips for Painting the Perfect Open Floor Plan

Perfect pen floor plan painting


One of the most popular home designs is the open floor concept. This design allows you to merge multiple rooms because there are no physical barriers to separate them. Painting your open floor plan can be more of a challenge than you anticipated. Use these three expert painting tips to help you create the perfect tone for your spaces.


1. Unify Your Space

To avoid creating an open space that’s visually disturbing or jarring, don’t try to separate the rooms by painting each area a different color. For example, don’t paint the living room brown and the dining room red. To unify your space, choose one color to paint the majority of the space.

If you feel the need to use different colors, find a natural division in your space, such as an archway or pilaster, and use this opportunity to incorporate a splash of color. For example, if your open space has built-in shelves along the wall, you can paint the shelves a different color. Using different colors in this manner helps create a sense of depth and creates visual interest.


2. Create a Mixture of Texture and Color

Using a mixture of texture and color helps create voracity and depth in your space. You can create a texture and color to look for your space, using paint, wallpaper, or other accents with textures. If your kitchen is a part of the open concept in your home, you can use stonework or tile to master the technique of mixing texture and color in your space.


3. Create a Palette

Showcasing your creativity throughout your home or other space is a great idea, as long as you maintain continuity. Whatever palette you create, make sure you stick to it by implementing the same color scheme throughout the space, including the walls, furniture, and fabric. Avoid making your space appear choppy and cluttered by using colors that are outside your palette.


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