As Halloween is quickly approaching it might be festive for your home to appear to the mortal eye as an old, abandoned haunted house: creaky stairs, battered doors, torn-up walls, broken boards, shattered windows, unruly weeds, scraggly trees and a constant swirling storm encroached upon this ghoulish place of dwelling.

But let’s be real. We all know that when you look good on the outside it helps you to feel good on the inside. The same goes for your house. As well for the guests who come to your home, when they arrive they will feel good approaching your house and comfortable to enter. We want to show a few examples of different types of exterior houses that received a makeover and to point out the changes that jump out to us.

It’s a Brick….House!

Some might be leery at the idea of painting brick! But really it is a great way to bring a change to your home. The owner of our company, himself, recently painted the exterior of his home that is built with bricks. We highly recommend it! In the picture up above we love how it brings it brightness that attracts you to their home. Beforehand the house seemed dark and drab, but now it looks modern although the architecture itself is dated.

Siding Panels

We realize this one a is a little dramatized but it still applies! The blue siding on the house in the before picture really wasn’t a bad call, it had a nice tone, but the house was old, so the paint itself had started to look dark and faded. We liked that they decided to spice things up by adding a different paint color. This greenish-grey color really helps the greenery surrounding the home to pop, giving a spring feel to it.

We thought you wood like this!

All of these pictures depicted showed houses when they had gotten to a state that the exterior looked old and was in desperate need of a paint job. However it doesn’t always have to be that way, if you are feeling adventurous and simply want to see your home in a different light go for it! No many houses nowadays are made from wood. But we think the homes that are, are beautiful! The home above received a complete makeover with roof updated as well, but how great is it that you can take an older home and give it a new edge. This is a beautiful home that is built quite differently than newer homes, don’t feel the need to move away to get a more modern feel. But consider painting and updating the home you live in now!

We are stucco on this idea

Stucco is popular on exterior homes, but can really be a paint to upkeep. We are here to help in the fact that we can power wash the walls to remove any debris, bugs, etc. that get trapped, as well as a new coat of paint or simple paint touch-ups. We love this idea of adding to your home accessories such as a half wall and window shutters, and of course a new paint color. All of these will add to the value of your home.