Are there colors that can boost my home’s value?

A modern living room with gray and wood furniture and walls painted white to boost the home's value.


Painting your home doubles down on the much-needed aesthetic change by being a quick and relatively inexpensive renovation option. However, did you know that a few cans of the right paint color in the right room can increase your home’s value by a couple of thousand dollars?

A Zillow research has revealed that certain paint hues can increase what your house’s buyer is willing to pay by as much as five grand.



Blue is a popular color with homeowners and prospective buyers for bathrooms and bedrooms. People are willing to pay 1.6% over the expected amount for a house with a light-blue bathroom; considering a typical home is valued at around $290,000, this price increase is almost $5,000.

While light and dark blue hues can be used in the bedroom, the psychological pull towards a moodier and cozy atmosphere can make your price point rise with dark blue paints. Using the $290,000 benchmark, dark blue paints can increase your home’s value by $1,500.



No color brightens the home up quite as white does. It’s an ideal aesthetic choice for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even exteriors. Warm white, for instance, is a neutral color that lets potential buyers feel at home within a space – bold colors might get in the way of that. It can boost the house’s perceived value by a few thousand bucks.



Beige and gray are excellent options for your interiors; however, if you can’t pick your preferred color, why not go with both? Greige is a winning blend of neutral colors and will bring about the general feeling of sophistication and elegance associated with white and gray.

It’s a good choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Besides looking amazing, it’s a color that increases your home’s value. Greige and other neutral colors, like beige or light brown, can add $2,000 to your abode’s current value.



Ultimately, getting a good deal for the house is just as important as the feel-good factor it brings to you and the other residents. You might need the help of a color consultant to get the most out of your living space. We have a team of qualified professionals here at Painter Bros who can not only do the paintwork but also help you pick the right colors for your interiors and exteriors. Contact us today, and let’s schedule a free estimate.