You may have seen these new popular interior design popping up in homes called shiplap. Historically, shiplap was used as the wall in cottages and small homes. There were small grooves on the edges that clipped onto each other creating a lock. And as time went on the shiplap was used just as the base of the wall and then was covered with a type of fabric so that a wallpaper could be applied to create a decorative look.

You can use shiplap on all four walls or use it as an accent wall like is shown above. This type of shiplap wall is perfect for this bathroom because it is only a bath (no shower) and creates a decorative look in a space that would otherwise be boring and blank.


Here we see a popular look in homes nowadays, white shiplap. Because the wood boards are painted white we don’t see the character but it is rather a more clean cut look.

Isn’t this pastel mint green shiplap just lovely? So that the color and design isn’t too overwhelming there is a break between the walls with a white trim. It also does well to hide those imperfections on the ends.

Let’s check out shiplap in the kitchen. This look is very interesting because we see quite the variety of colors! The ceiling, the doors and the island are all different colored stains of wood. The white shiplap creates a great connection between them all and the decorative elements add to the design look.

The shiplap in this bathroom doesn’t even cover a full wall, it is used for the sole purpose to create a background for the mirrors on the wall. It stops exactly where the bathroom counter ends. This is a very unique look that we think looks great!

This is a traditional look that dates back to the beginning of shiplap. It’s a raw look that look SO good. It’s interesting to see this different dynamic in this kitchen. In one side of the room the shiplap is placed on the top half of the room with a whitebrick layering the bottom. But we see a small sample of the next room to the right of the picture that features the same shiplap lining the bottom half of the wall but a grey painted wall on top. There is a great “white color” presence that is used in different ways but they are all connected to each other.

The important thing when it comes to shiplap is that small space that you see in-between each slat of wood. You can create this by placing a nickel between the wood when you install them. Now this is a neat idea, allowing the character in each wood plank plays an important element the design.

This is a super cool space to have install shiplap in and unlike the other rooms we have seen this shiplap is headed in a vertical direction. This antique look is achieved by painting the individual wood your desired color and then sanding different sections to give it that old, rustic look.