Black can be a difficult color to implement in your home. It represents a lack of color in a space and when too much black is used it can be overwhelming and dark. But when used appropriately it can give your home a classic and elegant look. This living space is absolutely breathtaking. There is a theme of darker tones used in the paint, furniture and floor. To point out specifically the black paint used on the built in shelves. The color is absolutely beautiful but to prevent it from looking to bland they added books and trinkets to fill the shelves and if you also look you’ll see that they used items that had some color to them so that your eyes would be drawn to this shelf. It’s all about creating the perfect environment when you are chillin’ outside. The black and white paint go well together to create the perfect balance. And to add a pop of color there are bright green plants placed all throughout the outside area to really invite the outdoors to be a part of your relaxing afternoon.

You’ll notice a theme with all these pictures; when using black paint it is a good choice to pair it with a pure white paint. What is the reason for this? Like we talked about above using the color black can go overwhelming if you go too crazy but when paired with a color the complete opposite it creates a good balance. Black and white together aren’t very exciting colors that is why you will see greenery or other small items with that have a bright hue to tie the whole thing together.

The great thing with black is that it is a timeless color, it will never go out of style. However, you do have to be careful because this color choice is so bold, if you don’t completely love it when that first coat is put on chances are that it won’t last long. So make sure it is something you are 100% confident with. And if you are go for it! Just like this picture up above it look amazing as the front of a grey house and a nice white trim. Be sure to decorate and add some more of your style to really paint your canvas.

Black cabinets are not a popular choice when it comes to the kitchen because it can become too much. But if you do it in the right way it can give your home a chic, modern look that will have your guests in awe! They even chose to have a dark colored back splash, even with a light texture added to it it’s easy for it to blend in with the cabinets. By adding a lighter colored counter top and the right kinds of appliances and kitchen decor & supplies it creates not only a functioning kitchen but a top notch interior design room.