Autumn Color Trends 2022

Autumn Color Trends 2022

Aah … autumn! A season unique in its own right – you get an almost perfect balance of warmth and cool. The landscape gradually changes, welcoming those breathtaking earthy, warmish tones in readiness for the winter. If only you could hold this feeling and take it back home with you.

Well, with a smart paint color selection, you can!

Consider shades of deep green, brown, and mustard for your walls. Or go crazy and blend them all together. If all this sounds appealing to you, here are a few other color trends for 2022 that would best bring out the season.

October mist 1495

Color of the year, the October mist 1495 may very well be the closest representation of autumn itself. Reminiscent of a flower stem, the gentle shade of sage induces an electric yet meditative vibe. Some describe it as harmonious and diverse at the same time.

Even better, the hue pairs effortlessly with most modern-day colors, making it incredibly easy to blend. With just the right amount of illumination and lighting, October mist 1495 will do wonders in personalizing any space.

Mysterious AF 565

This is a more classic neutral kind of color. While technically a shade of blue, the compelling shade sits on the brink between deep navy and black. You can use either use it on all the walls in your living room or paint it on just one as an accent.

Fern wood green 2145 40

The fern wood green is exactly as its name suggests. It has a really warm leafy green undertone that is both peaceful and comforting. It brings the space to life, making it a good choice for home interiors during autumn.

Venetian Portico AF 185

Venetian Portico is perfect if you are looking to bring an earthy neutral tone into your home. Resembling sunbaked clay, Portico pairs beautifully with other neutral nude tones and all the leafy tones we’ve seen above. It also works well in many types of lighting, including ambient, early morning, and late evening.

Bottom line

With the colors above, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a fresh, tranquil feel in your home. But paint aside, there are other ways you can make your space feel even more like autumn. For instance, you can populate your space with vegetation and floral arrangements. Consider pears in a bowl, jars of nuts, and herb sprigs presented on your countertops.

Of course, for more information or personalized advice, you are free to contact us at Painter Bros and speak to one of our professionals.