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Performance Defined - High-Performance Floor Coatings

car in garage

Performance cars are built for speed. Of course, along with speed comes a rigid chassis, superior handling, and braking systems to support it.

The same concept applies to floor coatings. High-performance floor coatings are designed for strength and durability, requiring a tenacious bond to the concrete to maintain its durability. The Garage FX® floor coating system utilizes proprietary fusing technology as a backbone to deliver unmatched adhesion to the concrete, supporting the floor coating system’s performance. The Garage FX® epoxy primer acts much like a rigid chassis - if the chassis can’t support the torque and horsepower of the motor then the system is not functional, and failure is inevitable.

A high-performance braking system can resist higher temperatures caused by friction allowing the car to stop quicker from higher speeds. This promotes safety and prevents unsightly damage caused by an accident. Much like the braking system, the decorative flake provides a textured surface providing an anti-slip finish which is safer in all weather conditions. Due to the various colors in the blends, accidental scratches and wear patterns are less noticeable than other traditional flooring options.

Superior suspension and handling dictate the responsiveness of the vehicle while driving in various environments. Poor aerodynamics, misalignment, and improper tires will affect the quality and enjoyment of the ride. The Garage FX® Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic topcoat is considered in the same manner. It is 100 percent UV stable with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance which will withstand harsh conditions in various environments. The proprietary additives increase crosslinking which combats stains and hot tire pickup, maintaining the systems durability and performance.

High-performance cars deserve the quality of high-performance floor coatings. If you’re looking for quality and performance, then look no further. Contact your local GarageExperts® to get your Garage FX® floor coating system installed today.


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