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Take Back Your Garage with Custom Storage Solutions

storage cabinets in garage

Stop the Insanity! Get the storage solutions you need to help take back your garage.

The average American home size has nearly tripled over the past 50 years. Even with the increase in size, one in four American households has a clutter problem.

With over 300,000 items in the average American home, most will eventually find their way into the garage. In fact, only 25% of homeowners with two-car garages have room to park one car in their garages. The garage begins to fill and then overflow with items – boxes of miscellaneous stuff that you think you might need later, seasonal decorations, childhood sentimental items, and much more. The walls begin to close in and even finding the lawnmower can become a difficult task.

Your garage is one of the most underutilized spaces in the home.

Organizing and decluttering your garage can seem like an overwhelming project. The best solution is to contact your local GarageExperts® and set up a free in-home estimate. During your estimate, you will learn about custom storage solutions to not only provide you with extra space to store your things but allow you to organize your garage and create a more functional space.

There are affordable options for adding storage to your garage. When it comes to organizing items that you need to find easily, adding custom cabinets to your garage will provide an organized area to store tools and recreational equipment. GarageExperts® custom cabinets are sourced and made in the USA, fitted with full backs, can be customized with elongated pulls or channel pulls, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. To complete your storage makeover, add custom slatwall and overhead racks to your garage. Slatwall is ideal for you to store motorized lawn tools, power tools, and other household items, allowing you to get things off the floor and out of the way. Overhead storage allows you to store boxes of seasonal items, holiday decorations, and those things that you just do not need access to very often.

The best part of having a completely transformed, organized garage is you can finally leave that garage door open without being embarrassed or worried about what might roll out and down the street.

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