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Spooky Garage Makeovers

spooky halloween themed garage

Halloween is always a fun time of year! If you want to take your Halloween party or trick-or-treating to the next level, utilize your garage as a haunted house!

To create a spooky Halloween-themed garage, create a design of how you want the garage to look. Be sure to clean the garage by moving larger items out of the way. Also be sure to remove any sharp or dangerous tools, and make sure chemicals are packed away in storage. If you find that you just don’t have room to put everything away and create a safe, clean space for your spooky fun, reach out to your local GarageExperts® to help provide garage flooring and storage solutions!

GarageExperts® Garage FX® Flooring can transform your dirty and messy concrete garage floor into a beautiful, low-maintenance floor that is functional and attractive. Our Garage FX® Flooring has three times more adhesion than other floor coatings, can usually be installed in a day, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Not only can your floor be transformed, but your local GarageExperts® also specializes in garage storage solutions. Our customizable cabinets can be created to fit your storage needs so when Halloween is over you can safely store all your spooky decorations. Not only are the cabinets customizable but they are tough enough to handle the rigors of any garage and are extremely low maintenance. GarageExperts® cabinets are laminated and sealed, making dust and fingerprints less of a worry and extremely easy to clean.

Having a full garage makeover can get your garage ready for your Halloween party and trick-or-treaters by having a clean, organized space for decorating or fun games. Once the stage is set, you can have fluorescent backlights for a scary otherworldly glow. Adding some fog will help make the garage extra suspenseful as party guests or trick-or-treaters visit.

With GarageExperts® the possibilities are endless! Reach out to your local GarageExperts® to get started on your garage makeover today!


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