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Steps to Follow When Opening a New Office Space

Office space

Opening or Remodeling a New Office Space?

Opening a new office space is a massive undertaking. Remodeling an existing space can be just as tricky. It’s worth getting to know the remodeling process; you’ll face fewer surprises within your project this way. As you familiarize yourself with the renovation process, you’ll find there are many moving parts that need to come together.

Understanding and carefully executing these steps is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful opening of your new workspace.

Pick a Good, Professional Contractor

Your office space will only look as professional as the team that did the remodeling. Working with an experienced and reputable contractor will get you quality service and results. In addition to understanding and meeting your requirements, they should also be licensed and insured to prevent any legal liability from falling on your shoulders.

Work Within a Budget

Once you’ve talked to the contractor and know how much services cost, it’s time to prepare the budget. Ensure to include labor fees and extra service expenses, as well as tabulating the financial inconvenience of closing down your business for renovations. Your contractor should be able to give you an estimate. Honest, hardworking contractors are willing to provide fair estimates free of charge.

Prepare a Schedule

Inform the contractor of the hours that work best for your group, and plan accordingly. Most contractors should be able to operate around your business hours or even work during off-peak hours to accommodate your needs. Also, discuss the best time of year for the undertaking. Exterior painting in cold and humid periods is difficult for certain kinds of paint.

Finalize Colors and Finishes

Paints and finishes are what your employees and customers see every day. Pick a color based on branding or your customers’ preferences. The colors you choose have to match the brand, the logos on the company’s gear, and the overall theme in general.

Colors can boost your business’s productivity indirectly. Color psychology reveals that different hue schemes affect the employee psyche differently – some colors help improve concentration and memory.

Carry out some research to find out what the competition is doing. They may have a leg up on you concerning what tints and pigments appeal to the target market niche. Doing some customer surveys will also help with this.

Organize and Exercise Time Management Skills

Each phase needs a defined time frame for completion. It keeps the project on schedule. Know what needs doing first, areas that need to be sectioned off, and restrooms that’ll still be in use — among other logistics. The foreman or project manager will communicate accordingly, notifying you of the progress so far and any other issues that require your attention.

Communicate with Customers and Employees

It’s good practice to let the parties involved in your business know there are painting or remodeling projects going on. Use appropriate signage at entrances, hallways, and exits. It shows customers you care about their well-being. Employees ought to be notified of developments in their work areas beforehand.

Remember: Safety is Paramount

Adhering to high safety standards is beneficial for you as the business owner, your employees, and your clients. Always try to use non-toxic paint on your walls and ceilings. As construction negligence is an unlawful act, talk to the contractor to make sure the activities around your site fall under legal parameters.

Ready to Get Started? Reach Out to Painter Bros

Press the refresh button on your commercial office with a new look and a fresh coat of paint. Painter Bros has been leading the commercial and residential scenes in adhering to current industry standards and breaking ground on the designs of tomorrow. If you’re ready to get started on the new office, call us today (844) 509-2313 for a free estimate.


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