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Sell Your Home With These Improvements

Man helping a woman stand on a ladder.

How much would you pay for your house as it is currently? Suddenly, those minor quirks you were happy to repair sometime in the future steadily lower the home’s value. If you can spot those few repairs, so will any keen prospective buyer.

Even basic issues and choice cosmetic improvements make your abode appear polished, setting the tone for a faster and more lucrative sale. Before listing your property up for sale, walk in the potential buyer’s shoes around the house, then clear out, spruce up, and update fixtures.

Start With These Simple Fixes.


Your home has been lived in; you should expect a little wear and tear here and there. Nail holes where paintings used to be, a couple of dings on the walls, or permanent marker squiggles are particularly noticeable in virtual tours and marketing photos. You can touch those up, but it’s not just about the maintenance.

The buyer has to see themselves living in that environment. The colors you use have a big effect on buyers’ perceptions. Try to stick to neutral colors. Switch it up between beiges, grays, greiges, and whites on the walls.

Style Kitchens and Bathrooms

In your house, there are many rooms, but as any professional realtor will tell you, the two that leave the biggest impressions on potential buyers are kitchens and bathrooms. Give those two rooms a little extra love.

You could start by switching out the wallpaper with something newer for your bathrooms. If the countertops are dated, replace them with natural stone ones, and fix the tiling. The kitchen will be transformed with the right backsplash and warm pendant lighting.


Your house floor vibe improves with new flooring or fresher carpets. If your home’s rooms have different flooring styles, consider investing in new flooring to create a clean, seamless look. Wood, even faux wood, is preferable to rugs and carpeting, though it’ll be more expensive.

Do you already have hardwood floors? Remove stains and visible scratches with a bit of maintenance. Refinish or buff out the wood and maybe add some epoxy to give the floors a smooth sheen. If new floors aren’t in the budget, then go with clean, wall-to-wall carpets. Neutral-colored carpets are also preferred here.


It’s exciting doing all these small improvements; you get to see your house grow into a beautiful and sellable asset. However, are all the usual things in order? The house should be livable and safe before thinking about beauty and curb appeal. First, address things like leaky roofs, leaky taps, and any pest activity.

Our professionals at Painter Bros have the skills to bring your home to shape and understand what potential buyers look at. Give us a call today (844) 509-2313, and we’ll help you with all your home improvement needs.


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