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Five House Painting Hacks

Woman painting the wall

Painting a house is one of those things DIYers everywhere enjoy but dread at the same time. Even for the most skilled painter, it can go one out of two ways. You can either end up with a clean, flawless job, or all kinds of uneven lines and paint spots. Without the right technique, most people spend hours doing an otherwise simple task.

The good news is that there are a few hacks you can use that will help lighten the load. You get to cut your painting time in as much as half without compromising the quality of your work. Let’s take a look.

Use a File Folder to Line Your Trim

One of the greatest struggles when painting is keeping things neat and in line. It can be especially hard to reach places like door frames and the trim linking to the floor or ceiling. For this, most people turn to painter’s tape, but this can take a lot of time to set up. If you want the job to move on quickly, you can use a file folder instead.

Simply place the folder between the places you want to paint and the regions you don’t want to paint, and then slide it along the surface as you go. If you do it carefully, you’ll end up with clean, straight lines.

Paint the Corners With Ease

Corners are notoriously difficult to paint. It is impossible to get the roller in there to cover them and brushes almost always leave unattractive lines. One quick and effective technique the veterans use is to hot glue a paint edger refill pad to a paint stick.

Even the sharpest corners can be covered with the pad and be as even as the rest of your walls.

A Little Vanilla to Get Rid of Paint Odors

If you’ve done a lengthy paint job before then, you know how strong the odor of paint can get. Next to making you feel sick, it can affect the time you take to do the job as well as the overall quality of work. One simple agent you can use to overpower this smell is vanilla.

While there are vanilla-scented products created expressly for use with paint, you may achieve the same effect using what you already have in your kitchen cupboard. Adding a few drops of vanilla extract per gallon of darker paint will do the trick and keep your room feeling fresh for weeks.

If you’re using light-colored paints, replace the vanilla extract with lemon extract to avoid the vanilla’s tint ruining the color.

Maintain a Clean Paint Can

If you have any left-over painter’s tape, you can use it to cover the edges of your paint container. It can help avoid a sloppy, paint-covered pail and label.

Start by taking two strands of tape and attaching them at an angle over the upper edge of the can. Continue by wrapping a third strip around the can just under the rim to secure them, and voilà! You’re you get a DIY spout that makes paint pouring and cleanup a breeze.

When you’re done, pull off the tape, cover it, and put it away until the next time you need it.

Clean Out Your Brushes Quickly

The best thing about paintbrushes is that they are versatile instruments that may be used for a variety of tasks. However, they are only useful if you miraculously manage to remove all the paint. Needless to say, this can be a very difficult, time-consuming task.

However, you can save yourself some stress by using a little Vinegar. It does a wonderful job dissolving paint and removing it from your brushes. When you’re done cleaning them, they’ll appear fresh new, ready for the next job!


With these painting techniques, you should be able to achieve a clean, final finish without employing too much effort. Of course, these are only a few tricks of the trade; professional painters have amassed tons of other handy tricks to get the job done fast and efficiently. For more insight on all matters paint, feel free to call us today (844) 509-2313 and speak to one of our representatives.


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