A friend, family member or stranger will walk up to your house, setting foot on your front porch; their first impression is your front door. Your door is a sneak peek into what the rest of your home will look like. So, our question for you is…

What does your front door say about your home?

As a painting company we thoroughly enjoy helping others personify their homes after their own likes and desires. In the past we have had a great time doing jobs for those who want to improve the first impression of their home, aka their front door.

Here are some ideas of what you can do!

First you should choose a paint color that will compliment your house. Below are examples of paint colors that we feel went great with the home.

This house is a versatile color, meaning many different color options are available for this door. We love however the difference in color, the door stands out compared to the rest of the house, and even though it is a more bold color choice, it isn’t overbearing.

A customer wanted their door to be stained a beautiful dark brown. Although it is a different more muted color that matches closely with the surrounding brick walls, it gives off a homey and clean look.

This is another idea of how you can paint your door, as you can see the trim is painted the same color of the door. It is a different style, but still gives it a professional and sleek appearance.

The great thing about our homes is that we are the liberty to do as we choose! Our second step we recommend is to choose a paint color that suits you! What is your personality? Have you ever had that neighbor that painted their door a bright color, and it seemed to fit their personality more than their house. We love that idea! You are unique, put your style into your home

Speaking of brightly painted doors, here is an example of a home that has a vivid color, but adding a rustic edge to it, they sanded the door down to give it that vintage feel.

We are a fan of wooden doors, and staining them to your liking. Painting the outside trim of the door is a great idea to give your door pop but not painting your door itself a brilliant color.

We like this picture for an example of the possibility of doing a theme for your home. These 3 paint colors, give off a nautical vibe.

The possibilities are endless for how you can renovate and improve your home, especially when it comes to the first impression.

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