A window offers a look into the world outside, the trim perfectly outlines the view like a painting in a frame. Here are a few new ideas to help give your home the picture perfect look!

Don’t you just love when you three colors get together and it’s a party? This orange, grey and white collaboration is pleasant to the eye! We especially appreciate that the door and window trim match which gives the look a nice even appearance.

When it comes to the window interior trim it’s classic to go with white but it’s fun to consider other possibilities. This kitchen has a white/grey theme which works great for a more bold color on the window trim.

Wood trim is a beautiful, traditional look that will never go out of style. No matter what stain you decide to use the wood gives the space a homey feel.

Here is another example of using 2 different colors to accomplish a nice, classy look for your home exterior.

Again we have an example where the norm is thrown out the window and they brought in a bright yellow to draw your attention to the window and the view outside.