Butlers, a full kitchen staff to cook your every meal, vacationing in the Caribbean, cleaning service to upkeep your magnificent mansion, extravagant parties… We all can’t be royals… but isn’t it fun to pretend? The color purple is known to represent nobility and uplifts the mood of a room giving a calming atmosphere.

Light or pastel purple offers a peaceful feeling which is great for a bathroom if you are looking for a soothing effect. In this picture the purple is complimented with the white trim, gray ceiling and black counter-top.

The dark purple gives the room a more dramatic look that draws your attention straight to the walls and other purple objects in the room. The white is a great accent color that pops against the drastic dark purple.

Throughout this bedroom there are several shades of purple being represented. The color of the walls are a light purple with a hint of gray that brings it to a more neutral color. The ceiling is a white with a slight twist of purple. For this space it offers a clean appearance but also girly and personable.

Purple isn’t so popular in the main rooms of a home like the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. But we like this picture and what they decided to do with the space. It offers just what the purple color means which is nobility, luxury and ambition.

We wanted to add this last photo as a shout out for doors and the possibilities that you can achieve when painting the doors in your home. The rest of the dining room emulates a space that is paying montage to nature, allowing the outside in. The dark purple door gives the space a certain pop that ties the whole room together.

We will never be royals but you can call us the Queen Bee of painting! Our promise to you is that we will do your project leaving it fit for a queen.