10 Reasons to Hire Painter Bros

paint brushes, rollers, cans, tape, tray - 10 Reasons to Hire Painter Bros

Switching up how your home or working space looks is exciting. If you want out with the old and in with the new, there’s nothing quite like painting the room to trigger this transformation. Many factors come together to influence the final product you’ll get; however, of all the considerations, using professional painting services is chief among them. While you may think painting the house or office yourself will help you save on cash, this isn’t always the case. The difference in the amount spent will be compensated by the time and effort you save, not to mention, you can’t replicate the results a company like Painter Bros will achieve. If you’re still not convinced, read on and find out the 10 reasons why you need Painter Bros to improve the aesthetic of your residential or commercial structure.

1. Save Time

You must know and do several things before you even open the paint can. First, we have the prep work; you’ll need to fill in cracks and study how to work with your room-specific surfaces. If you have the time, you could try painting by yourself. Yet, why waste your time, all the while gambling the end-product will be to your liking? Let our professionals at Painter Bros work on your project while you use your time on your work or other tasks you actually like doing.

2. The quality of work is unmatched

You give what you get. Our contractors, consultants, painters, and other professionals at Painter Bros have been working on their craft for years. They are trained to only output quality, from picking the colors, tools, and products to applying the finishing touches on your room’s or property’s surfaces.

3. Experience is the name of the game

Rome wasn’t built in a day. To acquire the level of expertise and technique required to apply immaculate finishes or pick the right paint for the job, you need to have spent a lot of time honing the craft. You also need to know the most common pitfalls and how to overcome them. Our professionals have had years of experience painting commercial and residential properties, both interior and exterior. Not only can they shoulder the responsibility of transforming your site, but they do this with an air of confidence and competence.

4. A painter is only as good as their tools

Gone are the days when painting even small surfaces necessitated only having a paint can and brush. For a professional look, there’s a lot of equipment one must be familiar with. Some jobs will require the painter to use a spray machine, a vacuum sending machine or other uncommon tools. You don’t have to watch endless tutorials on using equipment you don’t have and then spend more money and energy redoing unsightly work. Our guys at Painter Bros have access to all the equipment and tools required.

5. Product knowledge

Knowing paint products, trends, and new color shades is our job. Our professionals know in this industry, the learning process is never-ending. While you can use Google or Bing to compare the top-rated products, nothing beats practically using them in the field. We always use branded and genuine products. Furthermore, we know what works best where. You can’t expect you’ll use the same products in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, living room, and bedrooms. Additionally, if your wall surfaces require special attention, we know what works and what doesn’t.

6. The clean-up

Paint can be a tricky customer. On the off-chance you get smudges on your trims, clothes, or carpets, you’d best prepare yourself to buy all new garments or rugs. Professional painters know how to protect furniture, floors, and other unmovable objects, so you don’t have to worry about messes and splattering. After the work is done, our painters will clean up after themselves so that the only evidence of our presence seen is the completed quality work.

7. Your safety is our priority

As in other fields, one’s safety takes precedence to anything else. Many people think that there isn’t any danger involved when painting, especially when doing small projects. It is worth noting that most accidents result from a cavalier approach to situations. Using ladders to paint on high surfaces, working with certain chemicals, or working alone are potentially risky undertakings. Using the services of professionals will reduce the risk to yourself and your property.

8. The devil’s in the details

Anyone can apply a coat of paint to the wall. The difference between a newbie, an average DIY-er, and the professionals is their attention to detail. Our people know that every roll or brush stroke counts. Specks or imperfections on tools can lead to uneven or ridged surfaces. Our eyes have a resolution of about 576 megapixels. You can be sure your neighbors, in-laws, or boss will notice any aberrations in your living room’s paintwork. Thankfully, Painter Bros has your back so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work after it’s completed.

9. How important is insurance?

Hiring Painter Bros means we are licensed to operate on your project. This means you’ll be insured if any problems arise midway through the work. We will cover any damage, meaning you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to fork out money for repairs. However, like all other insurance coverages, there are conditions that you can readily discuss with the painting contractor.

10. Our color experts

Have you heard of the term ‘overchoice’ or ‘choice overload’? This is where you have a hard time making a decision because of the myriad of options to choose from. When it comes to bringing out the best from your home, offices, restaurants, or industrial complexes, picking the right shade of the right color can get tough. Furthermore, the color you pick at the paint store may look different depending on the indoor lighting you have at the paint site. Our paint consultants will help you select the color that works perfectly with whichever room you’re renovating.


You can see why having professionals working for you is the best decision for your home or working environment. To get a good return on your investment, use our professionals at Painter Bros to get your exteriors and interiors looking their best. Contact us today for a free estimate.