It’s been snowing quite a bit these last few days in Utah. Many of us are longing for summer, enjoying the warm weather and fun festive activities. Right now there isn’t much use of your backyard but as the snow melts away and the flowers start to grow outside will be the host of all summer fun.

These winter months can be harsh to the exterior of our homes causing water damage, chipped paint and weathered color. The nice weather that we are all looking forward to is a great time to recuperate by touching up our homes.

Fences are a very important asset to a home. They offer privacy, curb appeal and character. We want to know what do you fence-y?

Ah, the white picket fence. Every little girl’s dream is to own a house with a beautiful white picket fence. It is the epitome of the perfect dream home, paired with a porch swing, red shutters and a nice green grass lawn of course! This timeless look  will never go out of style. And of course you can use the color white for any type of fence which will give your home a look that is sleek, and eye-catching.

Join the dark side! That might not always be the answer but in this case we say why not?! In this picture there are two different paint colors paired together that compliment each other in the best way possible. With the greenery surrounding the dark wood it really makes this fence stand out among the rest.

A blue fence is not a typical fence color but we are not typical painters! We enjoy any type of project and especially the ones that turn out so as this one did. The blue is a nice color that goes well with the plants in the yard and as you can see in the very back of the picture the fence color matches the railing for the stairs. What a great idea to connect the fence with the home.

Wood is beautiful on it’s own, the different swirls and designs gives each plank of wood a unique look. By using a stain rather than a paint it draws out those individual lines that really gives your fence a nice look.

Grey is a great neutral color to use on a fence, it is a different enough color from the rest but doesn’t stand out. It offers a cool and serene look that matches well with the trees, grass and plants you put in your yard to give it a nice shady outdoorsy look!

In grade school you learned complimentary colors, purple and yellow, orange and blue, red and green. This bright green grass compliments well with the woody red fence. This is a typical look for backyards because it has such a nice look and feel!