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What Is the Ideal Color for Your Office Space?

Paint swatches, paint brushes and a roller.

The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting commercial office paint colors. However, you’d be surprised to find out just how impactful certain colors can be in a work environment. Gone are the days of all-white minimalistic office interiors. More and more thought is being put into making offices feel a little less “serious” and a bit more welcoming. In this blog, we’ll tell you why you might want to consider specific colors for different aesthetics. Let’s dive right in!

1. Blue: Stimulates the brain

If you’re the kind of person to doze off in the afternoon after taking a few bites, then blue might be just what you need on your office walls. This color induces feelings of urgency and increases concentration, helping you stay productive throughout the day.

2. Red: For that extra dose of energy

Red is as much a professional color as it is energetic. And it gives just the right burst of energy to keep you going.

3. Yellow: Vibrant and modern

Who said that your office has to look all dark and gloomy for you to be productive? Say hello to yellow, a commercial office paint option capable of brightening up the mood in any workplace.

4. Grey: The king of neutrals

If you’re really keen on decorating your commercial office with one of the many trendy shades of grey, you’re better off with muddier and warmer greys, like greige.

5. Brown: For the executive feel

Serious, earthy, and soft—that’s how best to describe brown. Brown is warm. That’s why you’ll find it on the walls of many executive offices. Plus, it promotes comfort and relaxation. If you’re looking to stretch the horizons of your color imagination, brown could be worth your while.

6. White: For a crisp, open look

Ah, white. The days of this paint color reigning supreme on office walls are long gone. But if you need your space to look open and spacious, white is the real deal.

7. Green: For that spark of creativity

For the commercial offices where million-dollar deals get negotiated, and strategic discussions happen, green can do wonders. There’s a huge array of fresh green paints out there, delivered straight from nature, which can help spur creative thinking.

Which Color Should You Choose?

Ideally, a host of different colors should be used in a commercial office setting to inspire harmony and create balance. That said, don’t overuse any particular color. These are just a few considerations when it comes to selecting the ideal color for your commercial space. So if you need more help with office color choices, don’t hesitate to call us today at (844) 509-2313.


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