When the word summer comes to mind in flutters images of splashing in the pool, the smell of a campfire, hearing the fireworks on the Fourth of July, eating unlimited supplies of watermelon and of course feeling that warm heat on your skin. Summer is a time of year that everyone looks forward to. The Earth feels alive and we do too!

There is a reason why our homes are sometimes called a “living space.” Don’t let it just be that word but let it come to life! Choose paint colors that will bring character to your home. Allow the wonderful traits of summer inspire you to bring something new to your home!


This blue paint sets the backdrop for this room. And the small elements like the white fireplace, furniture, appliances, trim and other small items creates a vision of being outside on a nice day with the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds. It gives this room that the appearance that it is larger than it actually is.


Do you love the feeling of your toes wriggling through the sand? This color inspired by the ocean’s front lawn gives a perfect welcome to your home. It’s a beautiful neutral color that still gives your home a nice, peaceful vibe.


This room is inspired by our brilliant sun! The color on these walls is a pale yellow that we feel truly resembles the first white-yellow sun rays that light the sky every sunrise. The owner placed a sun mirror on the wall as the center of attention to add to the sun theme.


Nature is filled with brilliant colors, and although we adore them putting them up on our walls is not always the best idea. But we can use them to inspire us to use a lighter hue or implement them in our furniture/accessories. This room is truly bringing the outdoors in, inspired by soft green grass it gives the space a cool, calm feeling.