The year 2016 is soon coming to an end! As we leave behind this year we take with us the memories and lessons learned to hopefully better us in the year 2017. If improving your home is on your New Year’s resolution list let us help you see just how possible it can be to check that goal off your list!

As you slide into the new year don’t let drab banisters rain on your parade, instead find a design that would make you proud of your home and eager to share it with all those who enter your home!

It don’t matter if you’re black or white
Michael Jackson had it right, why settle for one when you can have both! We love this renovation that truly brightened this space. By using black and white it doesn’t draw direct attention to the banister themselves but rather ties the whole room together. The great thing with the colors black and white is that they go with pretty much any color, so choosing these colors will be beneficial for when you ever decide to change up the color on the walls.

Well I see banisters of grey…

The fairest of them all are the white banisters parallel to the wall!
White is always a sign of elegance and purity! The white banisters in this home dress it up and give it a clean and well groomed appearance. White is a classic color that pairs well with any color and is a great choice if you want a look that will never go out of style!

Baby you’re so classic!
Speaking of classic, this tale as old as time banister look in a home isn’t seen as much in modern homes! We still like it a lot and love how bold it is when you have a banister that is unique and detailed. Staining your banister can be useful and work well with any style of wood work and draws the eye to it’s glossy exterior. As we talked about the beauty of different shades of a color, stains offer the same wonderful ability to find the color that will enrich and enhance the wood on your banister. Find what is right for you!

As each of these homes pictured above were unique in their own special way so are we, we understand and appreciate the difference every customer brings for every project we work on. We are motivated by the challenge to achieve the exact look you are looking for!