Painting Methods and Techniques

painting techniques, square bristled brush painting white on green

Do your home’s walls seem less vibrant than they were a couple of years back? Is the exterior of your store or apartment building beginning to lose its luster? If you can sense these changes, chances are other people will too. The good thing, however, is that restoring your premise to its faded glory is as easy as applying a new coat of paint. Whether you intend on doing this yourself or use reliable contractor services, it’s important to have an idea of the appropriate methods to use. The contrast in technique might just be the key to getting the results you desire, while taking as little time and effort as possible. Let’s take a look at some of these popular methods.

Painting for residential and commercial properties

It stands to reason that the process behind the painting of residential properties and industrial or commercial structures would be a little different. This is mainly due to the scaling up that comes with painting commercial setups. Some of these differentiating factors between the two include number of workers, amount of paint used, and the experience required.

What are the techniques used?

There are a lot of painting techniques for painting both the interior and the exterior. Some of the more niche options vary in aspects like finishing methods and decorative techniques. However, the three most popular exterior and interior painting methods for walls include:

Brush painting

For both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors, this method utilizes the least amount of paint and financial resources. Even when painting using a simple brush, there are techniques you can use to get a professional outcome. It falls down to the steps below.

  1. Ensure the paint is properly mixed – be sure to stir the paint while painting as this time-intensive activity can have the pigments settling at the bottom of the can.
  2. Use light and even brush strokes – as the paint dries when applying, try to use more paint; don’t force the paint to go further.
  3. Always use a wet edge – this will ensure the paint lays smoothly on the walls.

The only negative to using this method is that it takes an awfully long time before you can be done with larger commercial or residential projects.

Roller painting

We can guarantee that painting using a roller will save you a lot of time compared to brush application. It makes quick work of slightly textured walls like masonry and smooth walls like stucco. For heavily textured exterior walls, a long nap roller cover is the way to go.

Ironically, the roller’s design also happens to be its biggest problem. When it comes to vast uninterrupted surfaces, it functions smoothly; however, when it comes to the nooks and crannies formed by most siding, painting becomes an exercise in geometry. Also, rollers absorb quite a bit of paint, and are therefore prone to quite a bit of splattering.

Spray painting

Lastly, we have the latest, more advanced painting technology, the sprayer. Using airless paint sprayers and high-pressure paint spray guns will shave days off your painting schedule compared to roller or brush painting. All you need is a steady hand to mask your premise’s exterior meticulously.

For professional results, consider these tips:

  • Incorporate a steady sweeping style.
  • Desist from painting on a damp or windy day.
  • Hold the spray gun at a right angle to the wall surface.
  • Avoid pressurizing your paint into a fog and use moderately low pressure.

While these three painting techniques can work for either interior or exterior, residential or commercial settings, the type of material used in construction also has a role to play. Whatever the technique, be sure to use high quality tools. Also, to achieve the best results, it is always recommended that you consult with the experts. At Painter Bros, we possess all the prowess, skill, and techniques to meet your painting demands. Reach out to us today for a free estimate, and let’s bring the best out of your home or place of work. And check out our work from one of our service areas: Painter Bros of San Diego!