Painting Industry Trends and Insights

Painting Industry Trends and Insights

With the events of the past years forcing people to spend more time at home, there has been a rising demand for home improvement. As you may expect, the painting industry was at the forefront of it all as people changed their tastes, experimenting with different hues for their living and working spaces. And it’s not just color or aesthetics either; people and industry leaders alike are generally embracing newer strategies and modern tech innovations that make for a safer,  hygienic, and eco-friendly paint experience. To bring you up to speed, here are some of the leading painting industry trends.

Virtually preview painting services

Thanks to all things social distancing, businesses had to think up ways of showing off their products without actually entering customers’ homes or them visiting in-person stores.  As a result, we’ve come to see more techy solutions such as augmented reality and virtual reality, which have proven to be not only convenient but effective. Customers are now using virtual fitting rooms and apps to see how certain products would look in their homes without physically being there. People can now find a perfect match without having to use samples or traditional paint stripes. You can expect the popularity of virtual fitting rooms to grow all through 2022.

High-tech protective coatings

Another tech-based solution that is garnering a lot of attention in the commercial painting sector is the application of smart coating.  These are basically coats of paint that serve a more protective purpose rather than just aesthetics. For instance, we now have nano-coatings that help the surface resist corrosion, graffiti, dirt, and basic wear and tear.  There are also hydrophobic or water repellent coatings, which keep water from moisture-sensitive parts. This way, customers ensure the safety of their precious equipment and walls.

Hygiene oriented painting solutions

As people gradually return to busy public spaces and offices, there’s more emphasis on maintaining hygiene across all sectors. And the painting industry is no exception. We now have antimicrobial coatings and paints that are engineered to repel bacteria and bugs. They are more so popular among business owners in the hospitality industry looking to keep their customers safe and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. The general aim is to make the property look great while assuring safety at the same time.

Color trends

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning a thing or two about the emerging color trends. In the last years following the lockdown, folks were inclined towards nature-inspired shades like green to help soothe while bringing a little taste of the exterior inside. Likewise, people leaned to earthier finishes like clay, plaster, and lime washes. While you can still expect the same to carry forward in the new year, we are likely to see people adapting colors that symbolize renewal. You can expect bolder, more distinctive hues like cheerful yellows and olive-toned walls.


Well, that just about sums it up. Whether you are an interested party in the painting industry, or you simply need to keep up with the latest trends for your home or place of business, the above should give you a taste of what is hot out there. If you need a more expert opinion on how to implement said trends for your property, feel free to contact us at Painter Bros, and have a chat with one of our agents.