Decorating Your Home Using Autumn Colors

Decorating Your Home Using Autumn Colors

There’s something about the brisk autumn air that makes everyone want to cozy up indoors, with a mug of hot cocoa surrounded by warm fall-inspired colors and decorations. Given the rich shades of crimson, vermilion, pumpkin orange, umber, eggplant, and gold abundant in nature, it’s the perfect place to draw out your artistic muse from. We’ll unveil secrets that’ll bring the beautiful outdoors indoors to suit your living space this time of year and possibly the whole year-round.

Where to Incorporate Autumn Hues

Your house’s common areas will look lovely with autumn colors. If you use earthy tones at the entryway, your guests and family will literally walk into the warm embrace of the season as soon as they’re through your front door. It makes for a great first impression and lulls your guests into the mood set by the rest of the house.

To create a memorable welcome, use strong colors like persimmon or russet. Such a bold color at the entrance gives you leeway to incorporate it throughout your home. Conversely, it’s also in good taste to use this conspicuous color at the entry and gradually transition to softer tones as you move further into the house.

You might not want to embark on a significant paintwork project for your fall decorations, and that’s okay. There are other ways you can incorporate fall colors without going all out on the walls. Using a darker shade of autumn hues on stair risers, trims, or banisters will create noticeable contrast within your home. You can also spruce up an accent wall with textural wallpaper to capture the eye.

Utilizing Conventional Fall Colors

While there’s still a healthy amount of sun in autumn, there’s no denying that there’s a not-so-sudden shift to less sunny colors as we approach winter. It is a season that embraces moody colors and muted earth tones, giving the house a homely atmosphere as people sit closer and closer to the hearth.

A good choice for your walls would be neutral colors like grays, browns, and beiges. The ability of whites to strikingly contrast with rich, earthy hues while remaining tasteful should not be ignored.

How to Use Unconventional Autumn Colors

If there’s a color that transcends seasons, it’s purple. That’s not to say it’s a design shortcut promoting pedestrian decorating; to denote changes in the time of year, one can vary the tones of purple used. While a lighter shade of purple will accurately represent spry spring and sultry summer, a deep amethyst-purple embodies the spirit of fall.

If you’re feeling a flair for the dramatic coming on, then marry a spicy orange and brown to eggplant purple and create a distinctive autumn palette. Using warm green colors alongside conventional autumn colors gives your rooms depth and warmth.


Picking the right colors to show your fall spirit can be difficult. Knowing your sense of style and selecting the right colors to showcase it are two completely different things. To move on with your autumn decorations with a content heart, contact Painter Bros to set you up with a professional color consultant.