Decorating Painting Tips to Improve Your Home

Decorating Painting Tips to Improve Your Home

We love shifting things around and adding a few decorations where we can in our living areas. However, when it comes to modifying a space, nothing adds personality and style like a splash of color. Both your indoor and outdoor areas can benefit from a few clever brush strokes, and we’ll show you how.

Use a Painted Stripe for Your Knock Throughs

Open-plan living is continuing to grow in popularity. The two-rooms-in-one situation presents an interesting opportunity for occupants. Most people prefer splitting these spaces to create areas serving different purposes. However, this creates a challenge on its own. Do you use different colors to embody this difference, or do you paint the areas one color to maintain continuity?

The answer lies in between the two. One can easily define these areas by using accents on archways and other architectural points of interest. It is a subtle way of creating a multi-zoned space within the same open-plan room. An advantage to this approach is the limited use of painting resources, meaning you can swap colors and accent accessories seasonally.

Spot colors are a fun way of defining these spaces. With the accent color signaling the divide, tie in the hue with accessories like cushions, ceramics, and graphic artwork.

Use Faux Bricks to Liven the Outdoors

Normally, giving your old concrete path a new look will require a significant amount of money as it involves replacing everything with cast pavers or natural stone. So why spend so much money on a face-lift when you can simply paint your walkway for a more artful result? Start by sweeping the surface clean. The next step is priming this surface using a concrete resurfacer. Let it dry.

After ensuring the path is bone-dry, pick up a 4-inch roller and create a brick-like design using terra-cotta-colored concrete paint. It’s best to start at one corner and proceed. Below the first ‘brick,’ paint another. Continue with this pattern for some time to create a border. Repeat this procedure on the adjacent corner.

A running bond pattern of about 8-inch bricks will fill out the space between the parallel brick strips nicely. The good thing about this design is that you don’t need to be cerebral about the size of the bricks and the straightness of the lines; imperfections are part of the design and make it look realistic. Let it dry. Your visitors will be sure to compliment you on your eye for design.

Transform Bespoke Storage into A Feature Wall

A smart way to ‘create’ more space in your living room is by using bespoke cabinetry. This piece of furniture can be designed to stretch from ceiling to floor, leaving you adequate space to furnish and decorate the room as you please. However, its monotonous hues, especially if they are the same color as the other three walls, dampen its practicality.

You can creatively make this built-to-fit cabinetry into a feature wall by painting the whole of it in the same shade. This will include the skirting boards and even the fireplace area if they’re closely situated. Its distinct seamlessness, separate from the vibe brought out by the other three walls, will make your living room pop.


Giving your residence a touch of paint with all the artistic flair of a professional is self-care. You deserve to live in an elegant home. If you have the gift, then embrace your inner Van Gogh and go to town. However, if your painting prowess is rough or untested, or maybe you just trust a professionally skilled hand, contact Painter Bros for a job well done.