We know that painting projects can be difficult, but nothing beats having to paint or re-satin your deck. It can be nerve wracking working on such a task that takes a lot of effort and time. And if not done properly, the paint won’t stick and will begin to peel. Recently we read a blog post about someone who decided to paint her deck on her own.  She didn’t realize how much time it would take and especially how difficult it is. In the end she said, “As I was staining I think I would have happily forked over a pretty penny to a painter to finish it.”

It is our promise to every customer that we will take all the time needed to finish your project to your liking. We also do our best to use paint products that has the longest lasting finish. We share a mutual goal to make your deck look amazing!

Follow the yellow wood deck!
This is a great example of how you can paint your deck to compliment the color of your house. The mustard yellow against the nautical gray-blue with the white railings gives it a sea-side feel. Paint on decks runs the risk of peeling and chipping especially when winter approaches or the years ensue, but we do our best to up-keep the beautiful finish to your deck but adding a seal on top to lock in that freshly painted look.

One, two, skip a few
We support and encourage our customers to get creative in their projects! We love ideas like these that give your home a unique style that suits your personality. Although this idea isn’t average, it isn’t so different that it doesn’t go well together. If anything it draws your attention to the deck! Which if that is your ideal focus on your house this might be the idea for you!

We can show you the world on this painted deck rug
A carpet rug in any room pulls everything together. And most definitely works in an outdoor space. However, rain, snow, sleet, dirt, etc. can ruin a rug within seconds, but with an idea like this can accomplish the same purpose without the worry of having to upkeep it.

Extreme Home Makeover
We love this picture because for us it is satisfactory to see as we do the project that change that is happening and how it enhances and uplifts your home.

Whatever you decide Painter Bros is there to help!