Colors of paint that can help me be more productive at work

A large office painted blue, one of the colors that help people be more productive at work.


If you are not new to the world of interior decor, then you’ve probably heard of the psychology of colors. The notion implies that the colors we paint on our walls have the power to invoke certain emotions, feelings, and thoughts while in a space. And the office is no exception.

Research has proven that with the right choice of color, you can significantly increase your output and efficiency. It has also been shown to impact employee happiness and job satisfaction and even influence how they view their workplace.

In light of this, the following are some of the greatest colors for your office that can promote work productivity:



Red is one of the more energizing colors out there. It has a stimulating effect that raises an individual’s heart rate and pulse. This makes it perfect for fast-paced and hectic business environments or physically demanding jobs that need you to be mentally alert and active.

For this same reason, you want to use it sparingly if you are fazed by high-stress situations.


Light Blue

Frequently associated with tranquil waters and infinite skies, blue is a more soothing color. It helps calm the mind, allowing for deep concentration. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite among office spaces. Lighter blues, in particular, encourage invention and creativity, ultimately increasing productivity.

Blue is best suited in professional settings that involve extensive analysis and need plenty of mental energy.


Calming Green

Over the recent past, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of hues of green, like sage green, in the interior design world. Unlike red, which is more provoking and on your face, green is perceived to be more tranquil because of its connections to nature.

In the workplace, it can help invoke feelings of equilibrium and assurance. This can help manage any feelings of anxiety in a fast-paced environment, thereby boosting productivity.



Teal is a blend of the primary hues of green and blue. Therefore, employing it allows you to enjoy the better of the two colors, which is a feeling of equilibrium, calmness, and tranquility. However, you don’t want to decorate the whole office in bold, bright teal. Instead, limit it to subtle hints here and there or use it on an accent wall.


Pastel Yellow

Now, if you want to inspire creativity, yellow can be a good alternative to other creativity-inducing colors like purple. It can help release tension while getting those creative juices flowing. For a simple, unobtrusive office, you can go for a variant of the hue with gold accents



The psychology of colors is a topic that is both broad and subjective. And while the colors above have been proven to increase workplace productivity, there are still other factors, such as color blending and the workspace design, that you’ll need to consider to boost your efficiency at work.

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