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4 Great Colors for Your Home Office and Virtual Meetings

Home office with beige walls.

A can of paint and a few roller brushes might be all you need to change your home office productivity, energy, and, most importantly, focus. For your home, it might be easy because you want a color that will relax you, but for the office, you want one that will energize you. You don’t need a distracting color for your virtual meetings; rather a neutral one that appears best on video and to your own eyes. Below we are focusing on the best colors to use in your home office.

Earthy Mushroom Gray

Mushroom gray is an example of a true adaptable neutral that lets your décor do the talking. It provides a tone that is lively enough and looks good at any season and session. It’s one color that cools down well with sage green and does well with most other colors. Due to its adaptability, the shades of your office furniture likely won’t be affected. Earthy mushroom gray is a perfect choice if you want to compliment your virtual background meetings.

Warm Grey-Beige

What more do you need in an office other than concentration? And if attention is what you are looking for, warm grey-beige is the color for you. It is rich with a pleasant shade that calms the mind and focuses on the task ahead. It is one color that will fade well with your office furniture that will work perfectly in the background.

Warm White

Warm white can come in different versions, such as the orange-colored white. Warm white minimizes visual distraction and gives a clean space, whether doing personal work or in a virtual meeting. Warm white is soft and warm to the eyes and makes a great backdrop color.

Soft Pink

Many experts agree that some shades of pink are more than just pretty to look at but bring a sense of concentration and creativity. When doing a virtual meeting, the soft pink performs magic by providing an inspiring atmosphere.

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