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The Right Paint Colors to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Living Room

Living in a small space has its share of struggles. Other than being difficult to decorate or furnish, it is easy to feel suffocated or choked up in a small room. But before you go breaking down any walls, we are here to tell you that there is a way you can create an illusion of more space. With the right combination of paint color choice and style, you can tweak the visual appearance of the room, making it seem larger and airier. And it can greatly impact how you feel when at home. To help you in your selection, here are the top 5 colors that will instantly make your room feel bigger.


White is one of the more obvious choices if you want to make a room feel bigger. Light colors are known to have this effect, more so if the space gets adequate amounts of natural light. You can complement it with satin or eggshell finishes, both of which reflect light equally well. The best part about white is that it works with most aesthetics. Whether it is contemporary or country-inspired designs, white can be a great place to start the design process. That said, white doesn’t always work with all rooms. If you are dealing with a dark room, you’d rather go for darker colors.

Soft Black

As we’ve seen, bright colors work best with rooms receiving a lot of natural light. The opposite is true for rooms with little light bouncing off the walls. If you are dealing with a room that gets little natural light, like north-facing rooms, you’d be better off going for a darker hue like black or charcoal. This will make the space more intimate while adding a touch of grandeur. For even better results, paint the trim and ceiling the same hue or a slightly contrasting shade.

Blush Pink

If you want to brighten the space and make it feel light and cheery, blush pink can be a wonderful alternative. Like white, it works best with rooms that receive a lot of natural light. You can complement it with warm neutral tones like sand, ivory, and beige to get an elegant appeal. Unlike the bolder tones of pink, blush pink is universal. It blends especially well with masculine woods, leather furniture, and modern metals.

Dark Blue

If your room gets little natural light, you can settle for a deep navy blue hue rather than black. It creates an impression of depth, making the room feel stately. To make the space feel even larger, feel free to furnish the space with items of the same hue like sofa sets, tables, and cabinetry. This way, the eye won’t be able to distinguish where the edges of the room end.

Cool Gray

Another great alternative to white is the different shades of gray. Cool gray, in particular, adds depth and brightness and creates the appearance of more space. The color will achieve this effect in rooms receiving moderate amounts of light. You get a cozy but airy feel.

What Styles Can Help?

Other than your choice of color, there are some tricks you can use when painting to create the same impression. They include:

  • Paint adjoining rooms in similar colors – This way, as a viewer’s eye moves from one room to another, they view the space as being more spacious than it is. Therefore, paint your doors, trim, and ceiling a similar color throughout the house, making them no more than a shade lighter than your walls.
  • Paint an accent wall – while using one color makes the room feel more expansive, accent walls can achieve a similar effect. In this case, they draw a person’s eye to one focal point in the room, creating the optical illusion of more space.
  • If you are dealing with a rectangular room, a trick is to paint the adjacent longer walls darker color than the adjacent shorter ones. This way, you get to emphasize the room’s length, which makes it feel bigger.
  • Paint vertical and horizontal stripes – Paint vertical stripes in a room to make it feel taller, and horizontal stripes in spaces you want to feel longer.
  • Disguise any unappealing items with paint – You can paint over any features you don’t like looking at, such as AC vents and HVAC units with paint. Blend them with the walls so they are less conspicuous.


And that just about sums it up – with a few of the tricks above, your room will look bigger while remaining beautiful and functional. You can do other things such as de-cluttering and adding natural light, mirrors, and light furniture, but these are only secondary to the paint. For more tricks and painting advice, don’t hesitate to call (844) 509-2313 and talk to one of our agents.


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