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The 5 Most Calming Paint Colors

Pink Living Room

Your home is your sanctuary. And like any sanctuary it should be that peaceful spot you go to recharge after a hectic day. But most people don’t realize that the color of their walls also influences the tranquility of the space. You might have all the blankets and the coziest furniture in the world, but your mood may be off if your color selection is not right. The color red, for instance, tends to trigger stress and can make you feel anxious. On the other hand, lighter shades have a calming effect. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top most calming colors to help you live a stress-free life.


There’s nothing that says clarity and freshness quite like the color white. It’s the perfect color to be around when you’re stressed and need to clear your mind. It’s especially good for stress-prone individuals like pregnant women, who need to maintain low anxiety levels. Keep in mind that different shades of white can affect you differently. If it appears stained and dull, your moods will reflect this very same dullness. At the same time, if it is too bright, it might come off as too clinical, which might induce stress. To achieve calmness, you want to lean towards a warm, creamy tone of white.


Blue is a classic used for ages to decorate houses and baby rooms. The main reason for this is that it is a soothing color. It conjures up that tranquil ocean vibe that does wonders in relaxing a tense mind. It is considered the best option for bedroom walls, where it promotes better sleep. When it comes to shade selection, consider soft, neutral tones. The stronger shades of blue can come off as overstimulating.


Pink is another homeowner favorite that’s almost never absent in every home. While traditionally viewed as a feminine color for decorating newborn girls’ rooms, the right shade of pink will come out just as lovely in almost any area. The softer tones, like soft pastel pink, in particular, bring on an element of peace and tranquility to a room. According to Feng Shui, a Chinese traditional practice, pink is thought to relax and suppress anxiety and anger. It encourages the feelings of love and partnership.


The color of the sun is a more positive, optimistic color. It leaves you feeling alive and energized the moment you see it. Therefore, have little traces of conspicuously yellow items distributed out over your space to keep your energy levels up. Studies show that persons in yellow rooms appeared to be more conscious and active than those in other rooms. On the other hand, if you are painting yellow over walls and large areas, you want to go for a paler shade of yellow. You get that warmth and energy without it being too much.


Another color that may not come to mind right away for most people is tan. It’s a fantastic neutral color that instantly makes the room feel more inviting. It has a warm glow about it that maintains extremely soothing vibes. At the same time, it is really good at showcasing other colors.


The topic on color selection is still a very subjective one. Everyone has their own preference and ideas on what they consider calming. However, the softer, cooler tones generally feel more soothing. Hopefully, from the alternatives above, you can find a hue that relaxes you, and makes your space more serene. For more insights on paint and color, don’t hesitate to call us today (844) 509-2313 and let us lend a painting hand.


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