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Leveraging every facet of your residence to create a more harmonious home transformation is a distinct expertise of Painter Bros of South Salt Lakes. This is why our team of skilled painters pays ample attention to your home’s doors, though they can often be neglected. Even so, doors play an essential role in enhancing your living spaces, just as much as walls do. Painter Bros of South Salt Lake, Utah, offers door painting services to transform your doors into individualized focal points of your home.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to every painting endeavor, and our skilled team of painters offers expertise to aid throughout the entire process. From the early steps of preparation to color and finish selection, to design and aesthetic consultation, Painter Bros of South Salt Lake is ready and eager to assist. Whether your doors are fading, chipping, have sustained weather damage, or any multitude of other conditions, our team is ready to get to work to breathe new life back into your doors.

Expertise for it all:

Our skilled team of painters is equipped with the expertise needed to deliver quality painting results to all of your home doors, regardless of their shape, size, or condition.

Fiberglass: In the last several years, fiberglass doors have become a very popular choice among homeowners in Utah due to their durability. Fiberglass doors have the potential to last for many decades as their material never rots, splits, rusts, or warps. Although preferred by many, fiberglass doors often have a textured surface that makes creating a smooth finish a challenge for many during their transformation. However, Painter Bros of South Salt Lake proudly achieves this through proper preparation of cleaning and sanding, followed by a curated amount of paint coats. Leave it to our skilled team of painters to ensure your home’s fiberglass attains their finest appearance yet, and receive the meticulous attention to detail they need.

French Doors: South Salt Lake’s beautiful landscape has made it a desirable location for many. Thus, creating a seamless connection between a home’s interior to its exterior is a common goal for many homeowners. This objective can be achieved by employing French doors. Not only do French doors have the potential to create an indoor-outdoor connection, but they also offer elegant design within a home and allow for architectural versatility. However, painting them can present a unique set of challenges. That is why Painter Bros of South Salt Lake takes extensive measures to ensure your home’s French doors receive the right amount of taping and masking required to enable clean, straight lines, and leave your French doors looking brand new.

Screen Doors: Like French doors, screen doors are known for their ability to offer the ever-sought-after indoor-outdoor connection, as well as temperature regulation, improved safety, and energy efficiency. While advantageous, transforming these doors can potentially get challenging. That is why Painter Bros of South Salt Lake utilizes a unique set of techniques to ensure your home’s screen doors receive a flawless transformation. Whether your screen doors are framed in wood, metal, or any other type of material, our team of expert painters meticulously masks and applies paint to ensure screen doors delicate screens are never compromised.

Beyond Door Painting

Painter Bros of South Salt Lake has your entire home covered and is proud to serve all of the various communities that make up the remarkable city of Salt Lake. Beyond just the obvious objective like walls, our seasoned team boasts comprehensive expertise that can serve every nook and cranny of your living space, both indoors and outdoors. In addition to our elaborate door painting services, we also proudly offer the following services:

  • Cabinet painting
  • Window Painting
  • Garage door painting
  • Specialty finishes
  • Exterior painting
  • Epoxy painting

So whether you’re looking to invite vibrancy into your living room, or want to outfit your deck with more durability, our Painter Bros team in South Salt Lake City, Utah, is your trusted partner in delivering painting services that surpass your expectations every time.

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  • "Lucas in Houston was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and then some! I feel very comfortable working with Painter Bros."
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  • "Very comfortable working with Painter Bros."

    - Ben Jones
  • "Valuable partners enhancing aesthetics & functionality."

    - Director of National Projects

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