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Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Painting

Pressure washing outside of a house.

What Are the Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home Before Painting?

Are you thinking of repainting the house? You have to do prep work thoroughly, whether you’re doing touch-ups or repainting all the walls. One of the best things you can do for your project is pressure wash your walls before applying the paint.

Most people tend to skip this process because the walls look clean enough. They aren’t. It’s a primary reason why paint begins peeling away prematurely. With this in mind, let’s look at other reasons why this preparation practice is so beneficial.

It Cleans the Walls

To ensure the paint looks even on all the redone surfaces, they need to be cleaned appropriately. Spraying the walls using a hose doesn’t count as pressure washing. This is because it won’t remove the deeply embedded debris and grime.

Failure to pressure wash your walls won’t leave them clean enough for the paint to adhere correctly. Eventually, moisture develops behind the paint. This will lead to the coat bubbling, blistering, and peeling. All this does nothing for your home’s curb appeal.

The Paint Lasts Longer

When doing something, it’s important to do it right. To get the full benefits, durability, and longevity of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or other paint manufacturers’ paints, work with a clean surface.

Painting over deep-lying grime, chipping paint, or mold is asking for your paint job to peel before it has to. Not to mention, it makes the whole project appear uneven, which is tacky. A pressure wash plus professionally done paintwork has your home looking beautiful and fresh for a long time.

Removes Chipped Paint

Has the building begun to show its age? Before you get the rollers and paint cans out, check the extent of the peeling wall paint. Instead of using ladders and sandpaper, pressure wash to get those grimy flakes off the walls. It’s a fast and efficient way of getting your walls clean, smooth, and ready for repainting.


Properly pressure washing your home will prevent the paint from falling off the walls. DIYers with industry knowledge will know the right cleaning attachments to do a thorough job. However, for most people, this isn’t the case. Don’t gamble on your home’s aesthetic when Painter Bros has been professionally preparing buildings for painting and repainting for years. Our skilled and experienced professionals will do right by your home. Call us today (844) 509-2313 to schedule a free estimate.


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