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Make Your Home’s Exterior Paint Last Longer

Man painting the house

As homeowners everywhere will agree, nothing beats a freshly painted home. A simple exterior paint job is enough to transform any old house in an instant, making it appear good as new.

Naturally, after investing your riches in a makeover, you want the fresh appeal to last as long as possible. But with the elements and other external factors beating down on it, it’s bound to wear out at some point.

Now, while you might not be able to prevent the inevitable wear and tear, there are some tricks you can use to extend the period between paints. Let’s take a look.

Before You Begin Painting:

Use High-Quality Paint

Often overlooked, the paint you use greatly influences the final appearance and longevity of the paint job. Premium paints generally result in a more even spread and are usually better at withstanding the elements. Sure, you might have to spend a few extra coins, but it’s a small price to pay for the durability and surface appeal you get back.

It is important to note that paying more money doesn’t always mean quality paint. If you’re not sure which paint to choose, take some time to look over your alternatives. Better yet, consult a professional painter for insight on the matter.

Prepare the Surface Properly

Unless you want the paint to start chipping or forming bubbles, make sure to do a proper surface preparation before applying the paint. You can start by getting rid of any loose dirt or debris by power washing the surface and letting it dry completely before painting.

If you’re painting wooden siding, you should sand remove any loose old paint, grime, or other surface stains before washing. With good surface preparation, the external surface, no matter the material, should come out sharp and clean.

Even better, you can use high-quality or dirt-resistant paints and finishes. These not only adhere well to the surface, but they contain a certain blend of resins that keep dirt and common stains from clinging onto your wall.

Mind the Weather

The weather also plays a part in how well your paint appears. For instance, painting in direct sunshine or in excessive heat can slow down the drying time of the paint, resulting in uneven surfaces and brush strokes. Painting while it’s too cold, on the other hand, can cause your paint job to bubble and blister in a short while.

Ideally, any paint job should be done during temperate seasons, when temperatures are not too cold or too hot.

Don’t Forget the Primer

Most people underestimate the value of using primer. While paint can stick to the surface on its own, the primer significantly improves how well it adheres to the surface. And this directly translates to how long the paint lasts.

On top of that, primer acts as a base coat, giving your outside surface a smoother appearance while eliminating defects that could have caused the paint to bubble, chip, or peel.

After Painting:

There are some other things you can do after the painting to increase the lifespan of the paint. They include:

As Damage Occurs, Repair It

It’s critical to address any water damage, rotting, or other issues that affect the paint as soon as they present themselves. Quick repairs will not only prevent further damage, but they will also help you avoid pricey siding replacements in the future.

Keep Your Home Exterior Clean

The environment surrounding the paint job also influences the durability of your paint. Things such as dirt, mildew, and other debris sitting on the trim can eventually damage the paint if left unchecked. Good practice is to regularly clean your trim and siding (at least once a year).


And that just about sums it up! Following the steps above will go miles in ensuring that your property maintains that lasting impression for years to come. If you are having trouble dealing with the more technical bits like surface preparation or paint selection, you might be better off hiring a professional painting contractor.

At painter bros, we are happy to assist you with all your painting needs. All our painters come well trained and equipped with all the latest equipment the industry has to offer. You can rest assured that the end result will stand the test of time.

Prepared to give your home the lasting facelift it deserves? Call us today (844) 509-2313 and get a free exterior painting estimate.


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