Will Painting my Rental Team Colors Attract College Students?

A rental property painted team colors for UGA (black and red) to attract college students.


One of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a rental owner is picking out colors to paint your property. Traditionally, one would play it safe by picking neutral colors that would appeal to the general masses, but nowadays, tenants are leaning towards bolder, more contemporary hues. College students, in particular, are a really tough crowd to please.

Still, if there is anything college students love, it is their teams. Which raises the question, will painting their team colors attract college students?

Well, drawing a little insight from the psychology of colors, here is our two cents.

Will team colors attract college students?

You can never go wrong with a nice blend of colors for your rentals. Team colors or not, combining two or even more colors in one room will add more depth and character to the space. You can repeat the same colors in other rooms or add accents to bring it all together for a more unified flow between spaces.

Now, on whether team colors will attract students? We say, yes, if college students are your target demographic, there is a strong possibility that the colors will work.

You see, team colors are symbols of the local teams’ history, traditions, joy, rivalry and fun. These colors are an extension of the teams’ identity, and most hold this identity with a sense of pride. Therefore, it is safe to assume that using a blend of their team colors will garner its fair share of fans.

However, the downside is that the colors will limit you to just students and diehard fans of the teams. It is important to consider other alternatives as well.

What are the other alternatives?

If you want to appeal to a broader, more mature audience, you might benefit more by using other, less specific shades. These shades have proven to work across the board, attracting both students and regular tenants alike. Let’s take a look at some of the more universally appreciated colors you can paint your rentals.

Mellow colors like yellow, orange and red

Mellow colors like yellow, red and orange add a stimulating effect to the space. They are bold and cheerful and can invoke joy and energy when one is in the room.

Additional benefits people can gain from such include increased responsiveness and attentiveness and, for students, a boost in concentration when studying. Mellow colors come out especially nice when used moderately or as accents.

White and other neutral colors

While white might seem plain and simplistic, it actually makes a perfect base for introducing accent colors. White walls can also be great backdrops if the occupant intends to set up brightly colored accessories or furniture and art pieces (which college students tend to do).

On top of that, bright colors like white tend to make a space look bigger. Other neutral colors that can achieve the same effect include grey and taupe.

Go cool with green and blue

Green and blue are both soothing and peaceful tones. Associated with nature and the blue skies, these two colors can help promote tranquility and focus, which is much needed to calm a working class individual or say … an individual dealing with the fast-paced college lifestyle.

Green goes well with beige, white and blush. On the other hand, blue can be paired with blush gold or white for a complimentary look


In a nutshell, painting your rentals the local team colors will surely attract a certain group of individuals, but you’ll likely be limited to enthusiast of the local teams.

The safer bet would be blending and accenting some of the shades we’ve listed above. We’ve tried to list the trendier and more contemporary colors that renters everywhere are sure to appreciate.

Of course, for this and more information on all matters paint, you can always contact us at Painter Bros and speak to one of our color experts.