Specialty finishes: preference or value addition?

A homeowner decided on specialty finishes for his or her bedroom with the inclusion of wallpaper for a preference or value addition.

Do you get the feeling that most homes’ decorating styles appear similar? That might be true. Looking for something different and distinct shows you’re in touch with your inner artist. Specialty finishes are a good option here.

Yet, are these finishes purely a preference or do they add to the house’s value? Read on and find out.


What are some popular specialty finishes?

Specialty finishes come in different styles, application methods, and costs. To identify what fits with your setup, you need to know what’s out there. Here are a few of the more popular finishes:


  •   Cabinet glazing: This specialty finish is commonly used in the kitchen or anywhere you have many cabinets installed. It is the practice of adding a second hue to
    the cabinets to accentuate architectural details, for instance, making the grooves around the door handles stand out.
  •   Faux painting: If you wanted walls made of marble or other materials in your home, but that isn’t the case, the story doesn’t end there. You can use the faux
    painting technique. It is a specialty finish that replicates the appearance of materials like stone, wood, or, yes, even marble.
  •   Venetian plaster: This ancient technique had a resurgence in popularity in the 90s, disappeared, but has been in ascendance for the past few years. It involves
    creating a putty of marble dust or fired limestone mixed with water. After application, the surface is burnished to create a finish that looks like authentic marble.
  •   Wallpaper: It’s a fairly straightforward specialty finish. A thick decorative paper is stuck to your house’s walls with an adhesive. Unlike early iterations of
    this technique, modern wallpapers come in a myriad of gorgeous prints and patterns.
  •   Epoxy floor coating: It is a method of applying a resinous layer to indoor or outdoor flooring. This durable technique uniquely transforms your patios, living
    areas, and kitchens without being overwhelming.


Value or preference?

These specialty finishes will make your home different from the rest of the houses down your block. However, remember that uniformity is also a crucial part of style; talk to a professional before considering mixing different specialty finishing techniques. If the overall style looks good even to potential buyers, your home’s value automatically increases.

In short, a tastefully applied specialty finish will increase the value of your house.



Applying specialty finishes to your house is a good way of sprucing things up. If you’re doing it with a view to selling, hiring professional services will ensure the colors and designs are sublimely matching. Painter Bros has been applying specialty finishes for years and are thus who you call to transform your residence. Contact our team to learn more about our specialty finishes services.