Are you searching for a unique way to transform the look of your home or commercial property? Painter Bros offers painting services that provide specialty finishes and change the space in a home or business to add more personality and a brand new look. Typical painting services use common paints and finishes to cover walls and surfaces in a smooth, one-dimensional look. Specialty finishes painting services utilize paints, tools, and techniques to create a unique look that can sometimes be referred to as faux painting.

Examples of Specialty Finishes:

  • Cabinet glazing
  • Faux finish
  • Venetian plaster
  • Epoxy
  • Wallpaper

Specialty finishes allow commercial and residential property owners to show their personality in their space and create a one-of-a-kind look. Painter Bros has been providing specialty finishes for years and our team has the expertise to take your ideas and make them a reality. Our dedication to professional and high-quality services shows in the beautiful results of each of our painting services. To learn more about our specialty finishes painting services, contact our team today.


Specialty Finishes Residential Painting Services


Do you want to give your house a new look but don’t know where to start? With specialty finish residential painting services from Painter Bros, you can give your home a fresh appearance and feel while also enhancing the value of your property. For many years, Painter Bros has offered specialty finishes, and our crew has the knowledge and experience to turn your vision into a reality. With each painting service we provide, you can see our commitment to professional and high-quality work. Get in touch with our team today for more information on our specialty finish painting services.


What Are Specialty Finishes?


Painting services typically use standard paints and finishes to create a smooth, one-dimensional appearance on walls and surfaces. Painters that specialize in decorative finishes use a combination of paints, tools, and methods to produce a one-of-a-kind look known as faux painting. Many homeowners prefer specialty paint finishes over the more conventional eggshell paints, matte paints, and gloss paints because they add character and improve the appearance of their homes. Specialty finishes also boast exterior durability to prevent things like mold or wildlife damage, among others.



In-Depth Analysis of Specialty Finishes


A well-coordinated home’s interior and exterior are enhanced by specialty finishes, which catch the eye of visitors and passersby. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, some wall finishing is resistant to the sun, fading, blistering, fire, and rust. Additionally, if you pair it with a high-quality primer, your paint job will last for years. Here are some advantages of specialty finishes that you need to know:

  • Improves your house’s aesthetic appeal: A beautiful interior and exterior are essential if you want to impress guests. So, why compromise on paint finishes when you’ve spent so much on lovely centerpieces and garden ornaments? Use a variety of specialty finishes in the dining room, bedroom, and elsewhere to make your house stand out.
  • Numerous design options available: Specialty finishes can be found in a wide variety of designs and colors. With so many options available, you can select a variety of decorative finishes based on the room’s purpose and theme. You can add depth and flair to a room by combining multiple paint finishes.
  • Easy application: Simple application is a considerable advantage of using specialty finishes. Although there are some technicalities involved, the application procedure itself is straightforward. Furthermore, they are made so that they may be used on a variety of materials.

Here are some of the wall texture types that are available at Painter Bros. Browse through our diverse selection and choose the one that best suits your needs and taste.


CMU Coatings (Concrete Masonry Unit)

These are adaptable and eco-friendly coatings that can be used for a variety of purposes. CMU coatings offer a stunning, multi-color surface that preserves and accentuates the aesthetic of concrete and can be utilized in outdoor and indoor projects. This is ideal for patios, porches, pathways, pool decks, and other outdoor spaces.



A lacquer finish is a transparent coating derived from the sap of the lacquer tree. It’s a sophisticated wood finishing that’s popular in high-end furnishings. It dries quickly, is water-resistant, and retains its transparency over time.



Polyurethane is a highly durable finish that is most used on stained wood. It has the classic appearance of natural wood and may help you achieve whatever style you want if you utilize it well. In addition, it serves as a protective coating.



Varnish is a clear, transparent finish that can cover surfaces, paintings, and other ornamental objects with a protective layer. It can be applied to wood flooring, interior wood panels and trims, and furnishings to protect and improve their appearance. Varnish is ideal for outdoor applications and raw wood used for rustic home exterior doors and trim.


Powder Coatings

Powder coating is a popular method of finishing steel and other metal items. It’s usually applied as a dry powder in the form of a spray applicator. They are most commonly used on metallic elements such as metallic roofs, allowing them to maintain their structure and durability.



Elastomeric finish is a high-end wall or roof coating that is ten times thicker than regular paint. When applied to a surface, elastomeric paint generates an extremely thick yet flexible layer, providing exterior waterproofing advantages. It can stretch to two times its original length at a minimum. Concrete, brick, stucco, and other materials can all benefit from elastomeric coatings. It can also be used on walls and roofs.



Acrylic paint may be used on various indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, stone, wood, and particle boards, making it an excellent choice for all-purpose painting. In addition to their great adhesive capabilities, acrylic paints blister and break less than other varieties of paint. This is why acrylic finish is commonly used to paint outside surfaces and interior walls in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and living room.



Epoxy paint is ideal if you want a hard-wearing, low-maintenance surface with a great shine. It works well in regions with much traffic, use, and chemical spills. It protects your surfaces from harm, is shock-resistant, and is simple to keep clean. This is why it is commonly used for industrial purposes. Epoxy paint can be used in garages, warehouses, basements, and other high-traffic locations.


Siloxane Clear Coat

This coat maintains the appearance of the surface with a clean, natural, and glassy-looking finish. You can use it on various surfaces, including porous tile or color-integrated stucco and porous natural stone.


Oil-Based Glaze

Once the base coat has dried, a glaze can be applied; the benefit of an oil-based glaze over a water-based glaze is that it won’t peel off as easily with water and soap. Gilded surfaces, ceilings, walls, stucco, and plaster, just to mention a few, can all be glazed.


Venetian Plaster

The method of applying a marble-like finish to surfaces, walls, and ceilings to give them a rich and polished appearance is known as Venetian or Italian plastering. Venetian plaster creates a natural effect on walls and surfaces. This finish can be utilized in various ways to bring a touch of elegance to a home. Other spaces where Venetian plaster will add a classic elegance are the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.


Grit Coating

Grit coating appeals to the sense of touch. It’s been given a fine grit to make it feel like sandpaper. The degree of texture used can be precisely regulated during application to achieve the desired effect. The coating’s grip makes it an excellent non-slip surface. This coating is best used for sports or fitness-related areas, such as a home gym.



Why Painter Bros for Specialty Finish Services?


At Painter Bros., we collaborate closely with customers to provide the best possible results. We endeavor to keep our pricing low while providing excellent service to our clients.

  • Integrity: Whether dealing with customers, vendors, or team members, Painter Bros is built on honesty and integrity.
  • Experience: We’ve been in business for a long time and have a solid track record to back us up. We guarantee that every job will be completed correctly and with a high level of professionalism thanks to our knowledge and experience.
  • Trusted: When it comes to specialty finishes, our prior customers can vouch for our dependability. No matter what type of finish you need, you can rely on our team of highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • Consulting: We consider every aspect of the project from start to finish to ensure everything goes according to your preferences.

When it comes to specialty finishes, some paints and coatings are better suited for specific purposes. The secret to a successful project is to know the differences. At Painter Bros, we know what specialty coatings are needed for different surfaces, including metal, cement, brick, stucco, and wood. We’re also familiar with the surface conditions and humidity levels required for specialty finish applications to get the most out of their lifespan.

Additionally, the application is vital when it comes to specialty finishes. It’s not as easy as slapping on a layer of paint; the proper techniques must be utilized, or the results could be disastrous. Lap marks will appear on metallic finishes, uneven sealing on concrete, and garage floor finishes will wear out and flake.

That’s why Painter Bros is the specialty finish painting company you can rely on; we’re industry professionals in specialty finishes and have the specialized equipment and expertise required to apply them properly.


Importance of Finishing Over Stain or Paint on the Interior and Exterior of Your Home


Finishing your home’s exterior and interior surfaces after staining or painting serves several purposes. One is to safeguard the material of the surface. For instance, finishes protect the wood by keeping moisture out of the grain and shielding it from heat, abrasion, and even pests. Another purpose is to improve the aesthetic by adding colors, contrast, depth, or even changing the texture.


Add a Decorative Touch to Your Home With Our Specialty Finishes


It’s incredible what a new coat of paint can do for the appearance of your home. Here are some areas where you can add a specialty finish to give your home a decorative touch:

  • Ceilings
  • Sidings
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Family Rooms
  • Windows
  • Hallways
  • Cabinets
  • Shutters
  • Doors
  • Trims
  • Garages


Ideal Uses for Specialty Finishes at Home


Residential property owners can express their individuality and build a one-of-a-kind design with specialty finishes. Here are some suggestions on how to personalize a place using decorative finishes:

  • A Modern, Industrial Bedroom: Incorporating rugged textures and weathered wood into an industrial bedroom design gives it a utilitarian flair. Exposed brick walls and other raw, unfinished building materials are common. Faux finishes, such as concrete finish, can be used to create similar effects.
  • A Rustic Living Room: Rustic wood finishes and earthy tones characterize traditional rustic décor, which evokes images of log cabins. To achieve this look, dark wood finishes and accents in dark colors are perfect choices.
  • An Inviting, Energetic Home Office: It is not required for your home office to feel stuffy and formal. On the contrary, if you’ve built a fun working environment, you’ll be more likely to enjoy spending time at your desk. Paint finishes in bright, vivid colors and diverse textures are one method to achieve this.



Frequently Asked Questions Residential Specialty Finishes


How Do You Get a Metallic Finish on Drywall?

To apply a metallic finish on drywall, you first have to paint the wall with a base coat in a complementary color. If gold, silver, and copper metallic finishes are applied on an ivory base coat, it will lack depth and appear streaky.


What Kind of Wood Finish Should Be Used for Wood Panel Walls?

Your choice of wood finish will depend on the appearance you want to achieve. If you prefer for the wood grain to be visible, pick a transparent or semi-transparent finish. If you have drywall, internal textured walls, or ceilings, or both, you’ll want to use solid paint with good coverage for the best results.


What Is the Best Finish for Your Home’s Exterior Walls?

Making the right choice in exterior paint is critical since it protects your walls and saves a great deal of money in maintenance costs. When it comes to exteriors, there are primarily two options that make for the best wall paint finish: oil-based paints and latex exterior paints.


How Do I Get a Durable and Lasting Finish on a Garage Floor?

Epoxy paint is a garage floor finish that is tough, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. With a wide range of colors, it is as hard as concrete once it has dried.


What Is the Best Finish to Put on Kitchen Cabinets?

When determining what finish to use on your kitchen cabinets, the most important factor to consider is the sort of material they are built from.


What Is the Best Sheen for Staircases?

A lacquer finish is ideal since stairs are more likely to accumulate debris, dust, and stains. When it comes to cleaning, this type of finish is the better choice.


What Is the Most Popular Specialty Finish for Bedroom Walls?

Sponging is the most popular and best finish for bedroom paint. Using sponges to dab wet paint creates a broken-color appearance that gives texture and character to your walls.


What Kind of Finishes Creates a More Modern Look for a Home?

While most modern house design ideas are minimalist, there’s plenty of potential for adding flair by combining metallic finishes with rustic or vintage countertops, cabinets, and furniture painted via antiquing, sponging, and ragging.


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