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Painting your commercial exterior, whether it be a storefront or apartment building, has several important benefits. Aside from increasing the value of your property and letting potential tenants know that you care about the location, the painting will also protect you from dirt, humidity, and other climate changes that can shorten a building’s lifespan. Painter Bros is an expert and well-known exterior painting company with years of expertise in the field. We have worked on projects from small homes to large commercial buildings, so we know how to get the job done right every time. Our team works hard to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. We offer free estimates to help you get started on your next project! Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote!



Why Painter Bros?



When you engage us, you can be confident that the job will get done right. From start to finish, our painters are honest and hardworking and always put our customers first.


We never cut corners, and we always finish on time! Our exterior painting contractors have years of exterior painting experience that will help you get the very best results.


We’ve earned the trust of our clients, and we never stop working to maintain it.


We will fully consult with you before beginning the service so we can understand your needs and expectations.


Why Is It Important to Paint the Exterior of a Business?


Painting your business’s exterior can help prevent mold, mildew, and termites. It’s also necessary to have painting maintenance to avoid attracting new pests. Weatherproofing an industrial area increases durability against natural disasters like storms and earthquakes that can cause considerable damage at any time.


Why Is Commercial Curb Appeal Important?

A business’s exterior is often the very first impression potential customers have of your business. If it looks shabby or uninviting, they will be less likely to come inside and do business with you!



  • Structural steel painting: We use the best paints to give your structural steel a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
  • Floor coatings: Painter Bros is here to help you protect your floors with professional epoxy furniture protection or an acrylic lacquer finish that is long-lasting and comfortable on your feet!
  • Roof coatings: Roof coatings have helped many businesses feel safer and more protected. Roof coatings are essential to weatherproofing industrial buildings. Colors are always available to complement your brand’s style or design!



  • Window trim: Window trim may seem small and unimportant, but nicely painted trim with a contrasting color can really liven up a building and feel more inviting.
  • Awnings: Painting awnings are an easy and affordable way to make your property stand out.
  • Handrails & fences: Painting may be the answer to freshening up your property and attracting additional customers. Changing the color of a fence or handrail can also affect how visitors feel while entering!
  • Siding: Painting the siding of a building, whether that be vinyl, brick, wood paneling, or any other material, has the advantages of improving curb appeal. It can also help to reduce power costs with additional insulation or reflection and help your business gain environmental points in the community.
  • Decks & patios: Painting your decks & patios is an easy, durable way to dramatically transform your outdoor space in just a day!
  • Doors: Painting commercial doors is a simple and quick method to give your business a new, fresh appearance – maybe with a color that pops!



Repainting Services


Personal preferences and repairs are the two main reasons people repaint their property. There’s a reason you’ve decided it’s time for a new coat of paint, whether you dislike the color or it’s due to an unexpected event. Choose carefully who you trust with this job, looking for not only the best price but also the best quality. We paint it all, from apartments to businesses, and provide comprehensive preparation, production, assistance, and cleanup services.


New Construction Painting Services


Our new construction exterior painting service is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for your painting needs. We can create the stunning effect you desire using high-quality tools, dedication to excellence, and a talented painting team. If you are in the process of constructing a new building for your business, or even in the planning stages, call Painter Bros today for a free estimate on our exterior painting services.


Types of Commercial Coatings

  • CMU coatings (concrete masonry unit): CMU coatings are concrete finishes for block and brick building mixes.
  • Lacquer: Lacquer paint is a transparent coating that dries to a durable finish. It’s chip-proof, waterproof, and breathable.
  • Polyurethane coating: A polyurethane coating is a Defense Against Defects. These coatings help protect your substrate from various types of defects, such as corrosion and weathering.
  • Varnish: Varnish is a type of coating that dries to become stiff and transparent.
  • Powder coatings: Powder coating is a durable alternative to liquid paints and can be used for both household items and machinery.
  • Primer: A primer or undercoat is a pre-painting preparation. This improves paint adhesion to the surface and allows for faster drying time between layers.
  • Elastomeric: Elastomeric paint is a protective covering for stonework. It is applied as a liquid and hardens into a flexible, watertight coating.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a strong, stiff, and optically transparent plastic. Acrylic sheet is easy to produce, thermoform, and bond with adhesives and solvents.
  • Epoxy: An epoxy coating is a long-lasting, robust finish that protects against everyday wear and tear.
  • Siloxane clear coating: Silicone coatings are a great way to protect industrial equipment from abrasion, chemicals, and extreme UV. It can also be used to seal brick and masonry and prevent water damage.



Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Exterior Painting


Does the exterior need to be pressure washed before painting?

Yes, pressure washing is recommended before painting your exterior. This will remove dirt, dust, and debris from the surface, allowing your paint coating to stick.


How do you make sure the exterior paint job will last?

Painting the exterior of a building can last for years. Prep the surface properly and use exterior paint to extend the finish’s life.


How often should I paint the exterior of my business?

Experts say you should paint every five to ten years, depending on your location, climate, and paint job. Remember that each surface is unique.


How much value will be added to my property by painting the exterior?

Painting the exterior of your property will improve its appearance. Paint allows buyers and sellers to express themselves, potentially increasing property value.


What kind of paint should be used for the exterior of my business?

Almost any exterior paint can be used to paint your business. Depending on the environment, you should use oil-based or acrylic paint.


What are the best colors and finishes to use by exterior commercial painters?

Any color is possible, as long as it is a durable paint finish. Whatever you choose will need to be approved by the building inspector.


How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a business?

The cost of exterior paint depends on the size of your business, type, the number of exterior paint colors, and whether or not you want one coat or two.


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